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Default Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(


i´ve got some probs with my 6600 AGP,too.
After running Battlefield 2 for some minutes, there are heavy graphic bugs.

I tried different force wares including that one on the BF2 DVD (77.30) and even older ones. But the problem still appears.

I played with a radeon 9250 before and everything was fine. (except: resolution, lightfx, antialiasing, textures, shadows.... )

my cfg.
Athlon 2100+
1 GB DDR Ram
ECS K7S5A (latestbios / sis vga drivers)
Game Theatre XP (ext.sound)
xp pro (latest updates)
BF2 (latest updates 1.12)

any idea ?


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Default Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(

Well I have the nearly same system and I upgraded to an Asus N6600 with 512Mb DDR 400Mhz Kingston and had random crashes in latest games , and it took me around a week to figure out my problem .

Total System :

Athlon XP 2000+
(Spektek) 256MB DDR 266Mhz + ( Kingston ) 512MB DDR 400Mhz
Gigabyte GA-7VKML-p ( VIA + AGP 4x)
300Watt PSU

Now I thought the crashes were related to memory , I tried taking out one stick at a time but crashes were still there . I changed VIA drivers , changed GPU drivers but still the problems were there . I thought it was heating up of my CPU since the idling temperatures were 49 degrees but nope the temperatures didn't even touch 55 and before that the games crashed . I was very confused thought about RMA but just day before yesterday I increased processor Voltage and WHOELAA , it worked . Prime 95 was stable , HL-2 ands Quake 4 ran fine .

Anyway my GPU idles at 31 / 37 which is quite lower than your GPU . I think you have a temperature problem .

Also I remember my cousin had such problems in games and the problem was the drivers of his chipset were conflicting with the GPU drivers , so uninstall them too and then see .

I have also have a friend who had the same GPU and sound card as you and the problem was his sound card drivers conflicting with the GPU drivers ( but his games were crashing not showing artifacts ) .

Try all of this , I hope it helps but I think your temperatures are quite high . Try opening one case side and install some fans , it should lower the temperatue bu 5 or 10 degrees .
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*Yeah I know it sucks!
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Default Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(

Hi, thanks for the answers. I've just tried unplugging and uninstalling my soundcard. and then i reinstalled my video card. It didn't help

I've also tried the temperature issiue. I opened the windows on my appartment (I live way up in sweden). that lowerd my Gpu to 20C and my Ram to 22C. It's really cold here now But as always the problem still remains

To night i shall try the card in my friends computer.. I'lll be back with the results
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Default Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(

There is nothing wrong with the card... I worked perfectly in my friends computer! It must be some kind of compability problem with my computer.

The 6600 should work with AGP4x right??

Or is my A7V classic to old?
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