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Originally posted by hithere
What if I call his games boring?
for me it doesnt really matter ,because
im looking more foward for the editing tools and
FOllowup mods , and other games around the Doom3 engine // like quake4,and many other possibilities like MOH2,RTCW2 JediGnight3,Alienvs PRedator3? half-life2 and so many other games games that may have
a good possibility to be made on that engine.

it has been 3 years since the launch of quake3,
and still i see today really cool new mods for that game
releasing today,new maps,and other new stuff .
heck even for quake2 there are many interesting new things today . so you can go wrong with an Idsoftware
game ,if you look around for the cool stuff that modders
community will surely do in the future.
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Originally posted by kyleb
i dont think John Carmack would aprecate you calling his code slow.
What if I call his games bad looking?
"Never before has any voice dared to utter the words of that tongue in Imladris, Mr. Anderson" - Elrond LOTR
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well hithere and K.I.L.E.R, i think those are much more subjective evaluations and from what i have seen of the man i assume he is reasonable enough to respect such opinions. however, the speed of the code is a much more objective thing and i am sure he has put a lot of effort into insuring that it is by no means slow.
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