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Default Having to reinstall nvidia drivers after each reboot (Debian Woody 2.2.20)

I'm quite new to Debian, so I don't quite understand what I am doing wrong, but I am finding that I have to reinstall the nvidia drivers after each time I restart my computer.

The process I used to install the nvidia drivers first of all was to download the nvidia kernel and GLX tars, untar them, get the linux kernel headers using apt-get, set a "/usr/src/linux" symlink to the headers, and then make and make install the nvidia kernel source and then the GLX. Then I run "dpkg-reinstall xserver-xfree86".

I am finding that xstart doesn't work after reboot unless I do BOTH of the following:

-"env IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=1 make" and make install the nvidia kernel. (The IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH was because it complains about compiler version).

-"dpkg-reinstall xserver-xfree86" and then go through the menus (which are already setup with the appropriate options).

If I don't do the first one, then the x server won't start, and if I don't do the second one, kde messes up during initialization and the x server goes to just a solid grey and a mouse pointer.

So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to fix some bootup scripts somewhere or something?
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The nvidia kernel module needs to be loaded after reboot. Edit /etc/modules and put the name of the nvidia kernel module in it (nvidia for 1.0-4191 or NVdriver for 1.0-3123).
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Thanks, that helped! Still have to run the xserver twice after reboot though for some reason. Maybe when I fix my sound problem.
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