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View Poll Results: Where is compositing going?
Xgl, Compiz, and other opengl based composite solutions 10 100.00%
Xgl is great, but I think Composite Extension prevails. 0 0%
Both Will exist and be developed / Don't Care 0 0%
Voters: 10. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-16-06, 09:55 AM   #1
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Default Nvidia's Future with Composite, Xgl, etc.

With all of this talk about Xgl and such going on throughout various forums online, i was curious where we are going?

There was a rumor that nvidia and novell were working on the extension required for compiz to work with nvidia drivers, and that we may expect it in the next release as opposed to having to use cvs mesa gl libraries. If this will be the case, I wonder if Composite support will just be generally deprecated in favor of opengl based compositing? Personally, this would be favorable - as much as composite has stabalized over the last few releases, I seem to generally like what compiz and Xgl are able to obtain over what composite has.

I understand that nvidia may not be at much of a stance to actually say, without signing a NDA or something of that nature. I'm just kind of curious what everyone is feeling about this.
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Default Re: Nvidia's Future with Composite, Xgl, etc.

Xgl deffinetely, it already works great in current state, except for slow Mesa rendering which I hope will be fixed with new drivers....which btw, when are next drivers coming, it's been a LONG time since last release, Windows users got at least 3 new releases in meantime. Not that I'm not thankful for the work done in *nix area, but more frequest updates would be really nice.
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Default Re: Nvidia's Future with Composite, Xgl, etc.

I compared my old Geforce2MX200 with my new Geforce6600Gt today.
The 6600GT wasn't much faster. Only the cube and xv are faster with my 6600

Rendering in Xgl is very slow now. Just compare Firefox under X and Xgl. Under X it seems that Firefox is 10x faster with rendering!

I hope the new drivers will fix that and will be released soon.

regards Dennis
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Default Re: Nvidia's Future with Composite, Xgl, etc.

This poll doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Composite (the X extension) is simply a mechanism for a composite manager to redirect window contents into offscreen memory. The composite manager can then use whatever means it desires to draw the screen.

Most composite managers right now use the RENDER X extension to draw the screen. They could also use core X11 rendering commands or OpenGL. Core X11 commands are too limited to do anything useful, and using OpenGL is impractical because there is no efficient way to get the window contents into OpenGL textures. This is what the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap GLX extension is designed to fix; it gives an OpenGL-based composite manager the ability to read window contents efficiently. Even though the extension has not yet been finalized, Novell has provided an implementation already in the form of Xgl. NVIDIA plans to provide its own implementation that does not depend on Xgl, although probably not for a few releases.

The main point here is that Xgl and the Composite X extension are not incompatible. Quite the contrary: Composite is an integral part of how Xgl and compiz work. I think what you really want to be asking is whether RENDER or OpenGL should be the basis of future composite managers, and personally I think that's really up to the composite manager developers. Developers will use what's best for their particular applications.
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Default Re: Nvidia's Future with Composite, Xgl, etc.

My appologies, my own mistake.

I was attempting to overgeneralize how compositing managers do what they do behind the scences. I guess this kind of makes the poll pointless. Can a mod close the poll?
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