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Default Problems with dualhead as separate X screens

I have a laptop with a GeForce FX5600 graphics card, which has the external VGA output connected to a monitor. I can use both of them in twinview mode but am restricted to using both at 1024x768 resolution due to the need to have a rectangular X screen area. I would like to use the CRT at a 1600x1200 resolution so I configured xorg.conf to treat the two displays as separate screens as in the driver readme.txt. Now when I start the X server both screens display exactly the same picture, but the X screen and the mouse cursor behave as if there is a virtual screen of 2048x768 (both displays are running at 1024x768).

What I mean by the mouse cursor behaving as if there is a 2048x768 virtual screen is that the mouse can be moved to the left border of the primary display and will then reappear on the right border, BUT it will no longer interact with windows that appear under it on the screen. It will behave as if it is in another part of the large virtual screen where windows are invisible but the cursor will change to a resize symbol etc when moved over these "invisible" windows. Windows can also be dragged in and out of the invisible virtual screen area.

The situation is rather hard to describe but basically all output from one 1024x768 area of the screen is being copied to both display devices, although the cursor behaves as if it is moving in a 2048x768 area.

Interestingly, if I don't enable Xinerama no windows will show up in the X server, just the black and white cross pattern that is the default background when it starts up. However you can tell the windows are there as the cursor changes as it moves over them. Also, xdpyinfo says there is only one X screen:

default screen number: 0
number of screens: 1

screen #0:
print screen: no
dimensions: 2048x768 pixels (694x260 millimeters)
resolution: 75x75 dots per inch

Surely there should be 2 screens of 1024x768 each?
I am attaching my xorg.conf if it can help diagnose the problem, though I think I set up everything according to the README file.
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Default Re: Problems with dualhead as separate X screens

Have you tried

Option     "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"

Option     "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT"
in the approriate "Device" sections?

If that doesn't help, can you find any clues in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
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Default Re: Problems with dualhead as separate X screens

Thanks! Putting the right ConnectedMonitor options in each device section fixed the problem.
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