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Default Fanspeed at max since >6629

the last driver that had working fan speed control was 6629 for my MSI 5900XT. But as of Xorg 6.9 (in current Mandriva cooker) i am not able to use them anymore. they build fine, but tell me stuff about unresolved symbols in nvidia_drv.o. The 7667 can be installed just fine, and X starts up, but fan speed does not go down and produces some very nasty noise.

Is this driver-bug (fan speed) going to be fixed, or is there any other way to reduce the fan speed - i already tried nvclock, but no success.
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Default Re: Fanspeed at max since >6629

Please post a bug report, and information on how this problem can be reproduced.

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Default Re: Fanspeed at max since >6629


just to not forget this issue, I also got it

Card is an AOpen Aeolus FX5900XT.

System is Linux:
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 7.0
Build Operating System:Linux 2.6.12 i686
Current Operating System: Linux robert 2.6.15-15-386 #1 PREEMPT Thu Feb 9 19:41:22 UTC 2006 i686

Driver Version:
module version = 1.0.8178
Same Problem with Windows and Drivers of about the same age.

As this Card does not seem to have a thermal sensor this problem sucks
 # nvclock -i
-- Sensor info --
Sensor: (null)
Fanspeed: 0.0%
As I got a nice Cooler from Arctic Cooling temperature should not be a problem ( still its too loud at full throttle ) , so is there a way to keep the fan on a low level, maybe in the Card bios?

Thanks for hints,

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Default Re: Fanspeed at max since >6629

I downloaded the nvclock program and it works OK on my 6600GT.
I set the fanspeed down a bit and it is really noticable.
-- Sensor info --
Sensor: GPU Internal Sensor
GPU temperature: 72C
Fanspeed: 90.0%

Is there a mode where the fanspeed is controlled automatically?
If not, maybe a daemon could be created that reads the temperature and adjusts the fanspeed accordingly...
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