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Exclamation kernel 2.6.14 and acpi

Hi everyone,

Is the 1.0-8178 display driver release with the patches applied
(by zander, 22/01/06) really known to support acpi with kernel

For me, putting the system to S3 does not work.

System details:

board: MSI K8N Neo4 (has nforce 4 chipset and SATA)
cpu: athlon64 3200+
video: GeForce 6600, PCI-E 16x
monitor: some CRT

Linux dist: Slamd64 v. 10.2b (kernel 2.6.14)


When using the unpatched 1.0-8178 nv drivers, any attempt to
go into S3 fails and the logs from the pci subsytem tell me
that the device which is the video card failed to suspend.

Ok, so I applied the culmulative patch (found here among the
sticky posts). This time, the system really goes into S3. Great!
... But it never wakes up.... Bad! The wakeup event seems to correctly bring back
all components, except the video. When X was running at suspend time, then
I get a garbled screen after about 30 seconds since wakeup event
occurence. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace won't zap the X server.
When X was not running, then the screen stays black
and the monitor does not even wake from its suspend state. In either
case, the system freezes completely but it still responds to

And I find absolutely no error messages in the syslogs from
the nv driver.


1. How should I debug this?
2. Could applying the acpi patch alone (rather than the culmulative path)
3. Could downrading the kernel help?
4. If downgrading the kernel can help, should i use the patched or the
unpatched driver?

Personally, I think a system without power management is a
real downer, so i would like to get this fixed...

Any help greatly appreciated.


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