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Exclamation How do I load driver from cmd line


I am a newb wanting to learn Fedora Linux because I believe in the philosophy of the open source community. I have a Nvidia Geforce 4 SLI motherboard and an Nvidia Geforce 6600 LE SLI graphics card. I have installed Fedora Linux 64 via the command line installation (Could not install it using the gui installation). Every time I attempt to boot into Linux, I make it to the loading screen but not past. The computer graphic doesn't show up. The load bar doesn't move. The activity circle to the right doesn't move. My computer is completely froze. If I interrupt the booth loader and press P and then type in my password and then press C, I get into the command line. How do I install the Nvidia driver from the command line? I have the driver burned on a CD that is in my DVD RW drive. What commands do I put in to navigate into my DVD RW drive and what commands do I put in to install the .run file I got from Nvidia? Please be very detailed with your instructions. I am new. Never worked with Linux in my life. I need step by step and detailed instructions. Any help would be created appreciated. One final note, I have the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-8178-pkg2.run driver. I got it from the Nvidia website I also have the instructions that were on the Nvidia website (sh command does not work).
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Default Re: How do I load driver from cmd line

Woooah... you must have some serious problems...
(This _shell_ you see isn't linux, it's just a bootloader...)

now, try this: (in the bootloader)
press _p_ and enter your PW. then press _e_ and look for a line
which begins with kernel and add (at the end) noacpi noapic nosmp irqpoll vga=normal . now press _b_... does it boot?
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Default Re: How do I load driver from cmd line

After pressing e, I did see a line that begins with kernal. I had to press e again to edit it. I added the parameters you said to. Still can't boot. I'm reading the Grub manual now. I've realized now that since Grub is a boot loader I probably won't be able to install the .run driver from it.

To give some more background on my system, my motherboard has an SLI chipset and an AMD X2 Dual core processor in it.

Also, I tried reinstalling Fedora. During the post installation an error came up that stated something along the lines of, "request not permitted". I have gotten this error every time I have installed Fedora on my system. Each time, the error message disappears and the installer moves on into finishing installation phase. I am then prompted to reboot.

Would shadowing both of my x16 slots and installing a PCI graphics card (temporarily) work? Get me into Linux so I can install the .run driver? Or is there someway for me to get into the command line of Linux from Grub and install the .run file? Or is there something else I can do?
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Default Re: How do I load driver from cmd line

This isn't meant to be a slam against Fedora or distro fanboyism, but you might want to give Ubuntu a try. It's possible that Fedora has a bug preventing it from installing on your particular combination of hardware. (Fedora, while excellent in many ways, has had a rather large number of installation-related bugs over its lifetime.)

You're best off asking on the Fedora/Red Hat support lists about this issue, though, as it's not an NVIDIA-related, but a general Fedora/hardware problem. The Fedora folks are a lot more knowledgable and qualified to help you out with this problem than the people here.
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Default Re: How do I load driver from cmd line

The following is how I solved my probelm:

1. At the GRUB boot loader, I pressed a (don't have GRUB password enabled; didn't need to press p). I add 3 to the end of the kernel line and booted into the shell prompt.
2. I logged in as the root user
3. Navigated to the /media directory and mounted my cdrecorder --> cd /media --> ls --> mount cdrecorder --> cd cdrecorder --> sh nvidia64.run

Thank you everyone for your help. I would not have been able to figure out how with all of the great instructions.
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