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Default Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

I was looking at the Asus SLI premium mobo for my sons new rig. i saw the premium refurbished. Is a refurbished a previuosly owned then returned item? Anyone have good or bad luck or think it's not the greatest idea to purchase hardware thats refurbished. Thanks
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

Sometimes they are repaired, personally I wouldn't touch a motherboard thats refurbed with a barge pole.
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

that's what I thought. with all of the cash i've spent lately it would be foolish to skimp on a mobo for a 60.00 difference.
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

yeh not a MoBo - maybe other less critical hardware....
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

Well I purchased one from newegg, an Asus 6600 Vanilla AGP and it works awesome. I guess its more of a luck, I was also scared to buy it but they were giving warrenty for it for 15 days so I just stepped forward and purchased it. Also I was tight on budget and 89$ for 6600Vanilla AGP with Sm 3.0 and a fully functional video engine was worth the price.

So yeah If your tight on budget then try it but if you have money then I would say better to be on safe side. And oh yeah dont take risk on motherboards since its like the base of all system as people-agent said.
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

my big 22' crt monitors I have had from the past (2 of them) were refurbs/open box. The nec 22' was one of the best monitors I ever had, came with a 1 year warranty too of being refurb. Mind you, It had a dent on the lower right side of the stand so I had to raise it a little with napkins. The second one of a viewsonic was also good. So, I can't say that refurb/open box has been a bad experience for me yet.
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

I'll purchase refurbished items so long as there is a discount attached to it, and a decent warranty is left intact.
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Default Re: Anyone ever purchase "refurbished" items

Personally, I won't touch refurbished items. It just doesn't feel right owning something that I know was broken but is now fixed. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I'd just rather buy it new I guess.
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