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Default 6800 GS question?

Hmm I have a question regarding the 6800GS. Ive been researching the forums and I am trying to find a stable video card around the 150-200$ range that will run Elder Scrolls oblivion when it comes out. I first got a ATI X1600 And the card was a complete failure. It had major freezing/restarting issues which is a known problem with Sapphire cards that i didnt research to deeply before i purchased.

This time around im looking at the 6800GS. Ive read in these forums of the problems that were related to the 6800. But nowhere in the thread did i see mention of the GS? Is it just for other 6800 models?

Im trying to decide to buy this card :


My only problem is i dont want to have tons of problems.. My specs :

AMD Athlon x64 3200+
1gig of Corsair ddr ram
Currently have a geforce 3 in my machine :P
400w PSU +12V 12A (im gonna have to upgrade this too as far as i know)
Board : Gigabyte GA-K8NS

Any help would be appreciated as im wondering whether to get the 6800GS or the 6600GT and which one i will have less problems with on a nforce3 250 chipset.

Thanks for any help in advance!
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Default Re: 6800 GS question?

i dont have a problem with mine...
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Default Re: 6800 GS question?

I don't know about trouble with "other models" but my 6800GT has been working like a charm for the past 15 months. Since the 6800GS AGP is NV40-based like the GT, I don't see why there should be any problems with it.
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Default Re: 6800 GS question?

i just hear the 6800 has problems with stuttering and that it affects the nforce3 board which is what i have. and i am wondering if it also affects the 6800GS
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