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Default need help with INTEL Celeron/thermal paste

Hello All, I havent been in here for awhile but need some help.I picked up a Emachines T1140 Tower at a local yard sale for cheap cash and it has a Intel Celeron 1.1ghz CPU and stock HSF. I opened up the case and WOW, was it filled with Tons of Dust...got out the trusty cans of air and starting blowing it all out..nice and clean now, so then I lifted the HSF to inspect the Celeron CPU Chip and it has a lot of paste on it, but wanted to know if anyone here has a web page with proper directions for removing the exsiting paste from bottom of Heatsink and top of CPU? I have the directions for applying artice silver for this machine which has the Pent 4 3.0ghz Intel cpu and usually I just clean old off as I always do and apply arctic silver on top of cpu using only an amount equivelant to a 1/2 grain of uncooked rice as it says on directions page, BUT Not sure if I can use arctic silver for a Celeron and how much I am suppose to put on top od celeron cpu? do I spread it out using the plastic bag trick or just apply a small amount to top of cpu, like I do with the newer pent 4 cpu? any help would be appreciatted or a web link showing some insight on this topic..I tried googling for this but had no luck.I forget what slot the celeron Cpu is, but it is a 1.1ghz celeron in an emachines T1140 tower.
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Default Re: need help with INTEL Celeron/thermal paste

AS would work fine, to remove the current paste you can use rubbing alcohol. For CPUs I don't spread it out, Just put a drop and then apply the HSF.
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Default Re: need help with INTEL Celeron/thermal paste

ahh, back in the day of the celeron 500s, I unknowingly (and im still not sure how I could miss this) attached a cheap pentium heatsink to it without any paste, and ran it as a server 24 hours a day. It ran so stable I didn't realise untill a year or so later, I dismantled it and found no paste on the cpu.
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Default Re: need help with INTEL Celeron/thermal paste

I just use the 90% rubbing alcohol and clean everthing up.and the AS5 will work great on any CPU ,I always get a flat thin piece of hard plastic and put a very thin layer over the CPU.
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