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Default How do I resize the Task Bar?

Hi all. My daughter played around with the bottom (Task) bar (Windows XP Pro) and now it's twice as wide, but I can't seem to resize it back to the original size. When I try, I can see my cursor turns to an up and down arrow, but when I click to move the width down, it doesn't. I can widen the width more, but I can only resize it to the now "double-width" size, not small like it used to be anymore. FYI: I can still move the task bar everywhere (top, left, right or bottom), just can't resize it. And the Task Bar isn't locked. What's the trick to do it?
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Default Re: How do I resize the Task Bar?

Right click on the Taskbar, then uncheck the "Lock the Taskbar" option. You will then have the "handles" on the Taskbar allowing you to move things around to suit your needs.
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