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Default XFree86 hangs and at 99% with 8756 driver


I was having this problem with the earlier nvidia driver (8178 with the patch) and having it with the new nvidia (8756) driver also. And I thought probably the new driver will fix it.

I am running it on a debian sarge system with a PCI nVidia GEForce4 MX 440 graphics card.

The motherboard is ECS Elitegroup KT-600A. I am not a pro at these things so any particular information required for the motherboard...try being as simple as possible and I can look up in its manual.
Running a AMD Sempron at 1GHz.

The symptoms are - While downloading pictures in the browser (firefox), GUI sometimes hangs. Cursor moves and sound continues to play in the background. On logging in as root from a remote system, XFree86 is taking up 99% CPU. If I switch to "nv" driver, the problem goes away but of course graphics quality is poor!

I have an updated bios.

Attaching the nvidia-bug-report.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :-)

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Default Re: XFree86 hangs and at 99% with 8756 driver

I see a large number of these entries in your bug report:
(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (1, 7, 0x8000, 0x00000160, 0x0000202c, 0)
(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (2, 7, 0x8000, 0x00000160, 0x00002050, 0)

Those indicate that the driver is waiting for something to happen. This could be a resource management issue, caused by a driver bug, kernel bug, or BIOS bug, or something else altogether.

The only things that I can suggest to try are:
0) Boot with the noapic and/or acpi=off kernel parameters
1) Disable the console framebuffer (vesafb, etc) at boot time
2) Try a newer version of X (XFree86- is rather old)
3) Test a much newer kernel (2.6.8 is rather old)

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Default Re: XFree86 hangs and at 99% with 8756 driver

Thanks for the suggestions.

I did all that was suggested but still the problem happens. The same warning messages start getting logged in the error-log.
The upgrade kernel version is 2.6.15. Moved to the newer version of xorg server from xfree86. Upgraded the bios also again. Tried the various kernel options suggested (noapic/acpi=off) and boot time frame buffer option.

One of the threads on this forum had suggested modifying bios options to solve this problem and tried doing that also. Still the same problem.
Looks like there are others also seeing the same problem.

Any other suggestions will be more than welcome.

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