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Unhappy New xorg-server with legacy nvidia


First I am sorry if something similar was already posted but I found nothing.

I am using Gentoo 2006.0 (~x86, all packages in newest versions) with Athlon XP (Barton) 2000MHz, Abit KW7 (KT880) and rather old GeForce 2 GTS/PRO connected to Samsung SyncMaster 204Ts LCD (1600x1200) via DSUB (since no DVI on this card).

Recently when I upgraded xorg-server (modular X) to version 1.0.99.xxx (xxx - I don't remember) and then to I discovered that both new versions don't work correctly with legacy nvidia drivers (1.0.7174-r5) while earlier versions (like 1.0.2-r3) work correctly. I reported the problem on Gentoo IRC channels and some people reproduced the problem by downgrading their nvidia from 8xxx to my version.

So it looks like old nvidia drivers don't work with new xorg servers. I don't know what is causing this and if the fault is in nvidia-glx or in xorg but sine only nvidia has full sources I am reporting it here.

The problems appear mainly in font rendering. I know not much about whole X font mess^Whandling but it looks like the bad rendered fonts are the bitmap fonts and not for example Type1 fonts or TTF fonts.

For example how it looks take a look here: http://www.kangur.polcom.net/xorg-broken.png

At the time I took this screenshot I had misconfigured firefox that took bitmap fonts by default. Now I reconfigured it and it takes Type1 fonts and everything looks ok. But for example KDM still uses bitmap fonts (probably) and it still looks broken. And other (I think) bitmap fonts in font chooser are also broken. They sometimes render ok, sometimes they do not render, sometimes they render these strange lines. Even bringing window into visibility again after it is minimized can change their look. Downgrading xserver fixes these issues and everything works ok.

Also looks like restarts itself when I am trying to launch q3demo. But I am not 100% sure that this is caused by the upgrade. I need more tests on this one.

I know that these are beta versions or something like that but I believe beta is exactly to hunt for all remaining bugs. Since it works with new nvidia drivers and does not work with older it might be nvidia issue. Could you try to reproduce the problem and comment on it?

Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: New xorg-server with legacy nvidia

The NVIDIA drivers don't support the new ABI in and higher yet. https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6349
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Question Re: New xorg-server with legacy nvidia

Thanks for fast reply!

A little strange since others (users of non-legacy graphics cards) seem to agree that everything works for them (and does not after downgrade). Was it already fixed in new drivers?

And, even more inportant to me, will it be fixed also in legacy drivers? When can I expect something like that happen? (Should I downgrade X server or just wait several days for nvidia legacy drivers release?)

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