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Default Re: sometimes (short) hungs, sometimes complete freeze


Christoph, I've had no such luck getting ANY OpenGL apps to remain stable since my last post, and I've tried the following:

1. recomplied 2.6.12, .14, and even used stock 2.6.12 from my distro (in case any offending custom kernel options of mine were to blame).

2. Tried 7667 through the latest 8756 drivers which each of those 3 kernels, and even the distro supplied 7667 driver (already prebuilt/packaged for me).

3. I've turned off all driver options in xorg.conf except RenderAccel.

4. Tried both kernel interface (AGPGART) and the NVIDIA driver supplied GART.

5. ...and probably a few other things of less importance.

Basically, I'll describe my card behavior and see if it agrees with yours posted above. I rarely play games much and only noticed it recently (probably some 2 months after my last OpenGL app).

About two months ago I noticed some fuzzy snow would appear in a game, so I tried different NVIDIA driver's plus newer kernels to see if that would help. The snow (apparently) went away but then all of a sudden I started noticing some soft locks about thirty or so minutes into a game. Then, it progressively would start sooner and sooner (10 minutes and sooner). Then, I started getting hard locks at random (with no keyboard response and a 3 finger salute and cold reboot as my only recourse). My 2D is fine and have no issues there on the desktop.

* Since I have an older Asus Ti-4600 card which is about 3 years old now, I think it's just cashing in it's AARP card or something. At this point, I do not believe (in my case) it's a driver/kernel issue anymore. I even dropped several different BIOS revs for my motherboard just in case, but to no avail. All my main parts are "high quality" expensive Asus parts, mobo, Nvidia, et cetera and I didn't expect it would be either of these (since they're barely three years old). Never had such a short lifespan on those particular parts before. I still have a ~10 year old Sound Blaster Live! card kicking like a mule with no problems.

I don't run SSH for security reasons and have no means to run an NVIDIA bug report even remotely or local since I keep getting hard locks now. If I discover anything new of importance to your situation, I'll be sure to post back. Best of luck figuring it all out. I might suggest you try some of the steps I did above if you have the time.

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Default Re: sometimes (short) hungs, sometimes complete freeze


Please see also thread
"System freezes while running OpenGL applications"

PS.: Is there a possibility to link threads?

Best Regards

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