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Default 8756 TVOut and Modelines

I've been reading with great interest the following two threads
All ModLines rejected with tvout and 8756 and TVOut at 720x480 stopped working as I am struggling with a similar [the same] problem.

I've must agree with davemoore in post #20 of the second thread in suggesting that TVOut needs to support custom modelines for the reasons he suggests although my technology is much less capable than his.

I've tried many combinations of xorg.conf options, so many now that I can't remember what's been tried and what hasn't

You'll see from the attached bug report and log that currently I'm trying to convince the nvidia driver that I have only a TV attached to SVideo.
As you can see from the -logverbose 6 log. My custom modeline is not accepted. Actually, the only modes in the mode pool are Predefined NVidia modes. Is this by design? Is there a way to use custom modelines with an old(er) TV over Svideo?

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Default Re: 8756 TVOut and Modelines

Why do you feel that you need a custome modeline? What happens if you simply request a 720x480 mode?

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Default Re: 8756 TVOut and Modelines

Originally Posted by netllama
Why do you feel that you need a custome modeline? What
Sorry to butt in,
but Lonni,

You should go grab a few Nvidia cards and PCs and set them up in a HTPC environment. Try both Component and Svideo out and hopefully you can appreciate just how difficult it is to get what you want (overscan, underscan, custom refresh rate etc)...

Do it once for NTSC (you should have little problems as everything defaults to freakin' 60hz anyway!!), and try it again with PAL.

If you still don't see a need for custom modeline, tell me coz I will never buy another Nvidia product from then on.

And oh, we wouldn't need custom modelines, _IF_ we can have a working overscan slider in nvidia-settings (Not a slider that only works for some cards). Would be nice if I can set the refresh rate from nvidia-settings also.
Until you give me these base features, I NEED CUSTOM MODE LINES!!!!!!!

FWIW, I'm forced to use DVI now as it gives me more flexibility.

I don't mean to be a troll or be offensive, and I know this is not a official Nvidia forum. But Nvidia, please put more thought and effort into future driver releases. I fail to see why you guys put so much development efforts into releasing drivers that support new Nvidia hardware. All you've done is to add more dissastified customers with expensive hardware to your base.
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