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Default RH8 up-to-date breaking X

OK I could use a little help with this problem.
I did the install of my Nvidia drivers from the source files all worked very well. I use my Up-To-Date feature built into RH8 I install my new kernel. I reboot my pc I have a choice I can boot into my new kernel or my old one, I boot into run level3, if I boot into my old kernel and log in and type startx I go into to X and all is well, if I choose the new kernel and startx I get an error. So I goto make new files from the source files and it will not let me saying that the files are already there.

The directions I used for the source files are straight from the Nvidia readme file. Yes I printed out the almost 100 pages if my memory serves me correctly.

So I am guessing that I need to remove the files that where made for the older kernel before I try to make new ones.
How do I do that and after I have done that will it break X on the old kernel?

I am using RedHat8
AMD XP 1700
MSI KT3Ultra2 motherboard
GeForce4 TI4600
Soundblaster Live
Western Digital 80gig with 8meg cache
Plextor 16x8x40 Burner

That should cover hardware questions.

Thanks in advance for your help......

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Do you want to be able to use the drivers under the old kernel as well?

If so, then get the NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.tar.gz file (... I'm assuming 4191 was the version you installed, right?) and install it. If you've built the .src.rpm, then you should have no problems building the tarball.

There's an issue with rpm that makes stuff like this aggravating -- it won't let you install 2 copies of one thing. You can either circumvent the RPM system entirely (by installing the second copy from .tar.gz), or you can delete the version you have -- and here's how to do that:

Do an rpm -qa | grep NVIDIA_kernel. Then, do an rpm -e whateverthatcommandprinted to do the package removing. Then you should be able to rebuild the NVIDIA_kernel package from .src.rpm and install it. This solution will break the drivers when you boot your old kernel, though.
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You need to recompile the NVidia drivers everytime the kernel is updated.

I'd suggest you download the Nvidia*.src.rpm's and download the bash script i wrote to automate it all. I find it helps speed up the install/compile process.

Download and place this bash script into the directory where the SRC's have been placed and rename it and make it executable as follows:-

mv nvupdt.txt nvupdt
chmod 755 nvupdt

and run it from your text mode console as follows:-


Once you have done that, you can start your X server.

Just a note for those who use this script. You will still have to modify your XF86Config(-4) file manually. This script will not do that for you yet. (I'm working on providing an ability to do that when I check on some possibilities on the best way of doing that.)
As it was intended to be run, when one installs a new kernel version. And you will need to BOOT into the new kernel BEFORE running this script. And make sure that you have installed the kernel SOURCE for the new kernel as well.

Good Luck.

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Thankyou for the support guys. Yes I do use the SRC files. I have found that the documentation that nvidia provides is good it just doesn't cover everything. But it was nice of them to cover issues and differences in rpm compiling from source files that occur from one distro to another.

I will test this soon and let you know how things turn out and as far as breaking the old kernel no loss for me.............
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