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jay pettitt
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Unhappy mandrake noob in distress

Sorry to start another mandrake thread, but i've searched through the forums for hours and can't find a solution that works for me. I would be enormously gratefull for some help.

So, hoping to get a bit of OpenGL shinyness on my ageing AMD K2 with PCI (no agp) TNT2 here is what I did:

used the nvchooser util to recommend the right rpm files and downloaded them. Rebooted in failsafe mode so as not to have X running and did rpm -ivh on the kernal and GLX rpms. Then I edited XF86config-4 as per the instructions. I also edited /etc/modules.conf to include:
alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia

after doing depmod -ae I started X, which complained about fonts and got nowhere.
after rebooting x complains that the nvidia kernal is not loaded and that it can find no useable screens.

Other folk have fixed thier problems at the bios. but my PC has no option to assign IRQs to VGA. I used to run the previous drivers under SuSE 7.2 with no problems which makes me wonder if BIOS is not the problem here.
Also I have the download edition of Mandrake (no 3rd CD to get the kernal sources from) so I am using rpms rather than compiling tarballs.

Oh, I am also a noob and resorting to reinstalling, so I dont have any log files handy.

Can anyone help. Has anyone compiled the previous set of drivers for mandrake 9.0, or able to point me toward the mandrake kernal souces rpm so I can try compiling.

enormously appreciative thanks in advance, and a cream bun snail mailed to the most helpful reply.
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You should be able to find kernel-source at http://rpmfind.net

Otherwise, why doesn't the "download edition" contain the 3rd CD? I've downloaded all 3 ISO's (never installed them, but that's not the point )...

Next time you try to install the drivers, copy the log file to somewhere safe before you reinstall (if you reinstall -- I'm sure it's fixable without that though).

The reason for the message about not being able to initialize the kernel module hopefully isn't the Assign IRQ to VGA setting here. It's hopefully just that the kernel module wasn't loaded. If that was the problem, an /sbin/modprobe nvidia would've fixed the problem -- and likely would have gotten you back to the font problem.
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