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Default A HyperThreaded Christmas

Could intel be releasing / enabling hyperthreading this winter in response to Hammer?

If so the P4 could give Hammer a run for its money. They claim a 30% improvement in speed over the current P4 that’s like adding a 1000mhz to a 3.06ghz P4.

Check it out: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=5000

If so does that change anyone’s wishlist?
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i doubt it will give a 30% performance increase in applications that aren't already designed to work with multiple CPUs. those are slim and far between.
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I doubt hyper-threading could give that much of an improvement to the Northwood core. I mean, if moving to .13 micron, adding Hyper-Transport, tweaking the cache, and making other improvements to the core gives Hammer an ~25% increase per clock over the T'Bred core, simply enabling one thing in a processor wouldn't give that big of an improvement.

If you were talking about their .09 Prescott chip, though, there's no way that will be out this year.
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