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Default half-life 2, before the end of the year

just read this over at ve3d...

"Falling under the catagory of rumors and idle speculation comes a GameStar (can use the fish to translate it) story which says that Valve Software could be releasing Half-Life 2 before the end of the year"

here is a translation... its a horrible one though..lol:

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Yeah there's a bunch of rumors flying around about Half-life 2. Whether they're true or not remains to be seen. One rumor is that Microsoft did buy Valve off Vivendi and that they're currently working on both the PC and Xbox version of the game, and that both would be released at the end of the year, but we'll just see about that one.

Either that, or else they'll try to get Half-life 2 out right after Team Fortress 2 ships
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MS didn't buy them...if they did, they have to say, it's the law because people own stocks of them...
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hmm, i always figured it would be based on the doom III engine in which case we wont see it til '04...
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id be really really surprised to see microsoft buying them considering their ceo was one of microsoft's first employees. i talked to a few guys at e3 about valve. aparently their ceo has enough cash in the bank (w/o using any money they made from half life and cs) to run valve for like 20 years. but if you put all the profits from cs and half-life into the mix you start to understand they really can afford to take however long they want. im willing to bet valve has way more liquid in the bank than their own publisher sierra.
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whatever happened to Team fortress 2??
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plonk, that's what we're ALL wondering
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