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oh....i'm sorry. wrong P4 configurations. you can find P4 with DDR here and here

just compare those numbers to the Athlon numbers in the other review. the first link is P4 with DDR333 using an Intel chipset. the second is P4 with DDR400 using SiS.

CPUs are certainly not a low profit business for Intel. i bet their profit margins are higher than AMDs. i think you're confusing profit margin with slow economy. i don't think profit margins per chip have been decreasing, although volume sold has.
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Yes, so it appears that in many benchmarks the P4 DDR systems are a good ~5% slower than their PC1066 counterparts. I believe that drops them down to the Athlon XP 2200+ performance level at stock speeds in several benchmarks. Yet this fact seems lost on the populous. I wonder why?

The profit margins ARE slim for most of Intel's low-mid end line, they make up for it in volume and their flagship procs which generally cost 2-3x AMD's. Oh, and their Xeons which cost even more.

I'm not confusing profit margin for slow economy nor did I say profit margins have decreased. Not sure where you got that
Again, I think AMD's profit margins have been pretty steady since the K6 days (maybe a bit higher overall for the Athlon line, good for them).

AMD's definitely had a harder go of it, precisely why I continue to support them. Root, root, root for the underdog (well, as long as the products are comparable -- If Intel shipped a P5 tomorrow that was 50% faster than the current AMD flagship, I'd have to bite).
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