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Default FX5200 Suse 10.1 X hangs

Reading through here this seems common! I thought nvidia supported linux. My problem I have the latest drivers.Suse 10.1 all updated

But the minute I play a game with 3d the system eventually hangs I can only start this by killing X through ssh, restart X and X will hang on just about anything locking up cpu to +97%.
I believe this is a problem relating to X and my hardware as one of the games I'm trying implies I've got no gl support, glxinfo disagrees, glxgears runs fine at a fps 1100 avg.

On looking through my nvidia-bug-report
loading ext: NV-Control
calcalogarithm is not used

whilst compiling the drivers it also
in function prefetch_range
prefetch.h:62: warning: pointer of type 'void *' used in arithmetic

in function check signature
io.h:258: warning; wrong type to increment

if this is only relevant to my monitor then I accept the errors!

It's been suggested that the card might be over-heating if this is the case how come I seem able to play games with out 3d/gl?
I can replicate the hang by running glxgears with wmcalclock which seems to just re-affirm my believe its something to do with implementation of GL ,with X and my hardware. Windoze successfully plays half-life with the same card.

Soz if this has been done, or in wrong forum pls point me in the right direction if applicable?Thx before hand
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