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Default Re: 2D accaleration is simply a joke!

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy
What? Xorg7.1's rendering does not have anything to do with OpenGL.
XGL on the other side is a complete different topic, you get high-level accaleration but you'll have to pay a large overhead-penality on simple primitives (lines and small fills for example) which are also _very_ important for 2D applications. Not to speak about the overhead they introdcuce when running OpenGL apps!

lg Clemens
Yes. I mean it uses some 3d like features of graphics so 3d optimized chip like geforce can probably show some performance increase. It is just me: think 3d say OpenGL
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Default Re: 2D accaleration is simply a joke!

Originally Posted by SquireSCA
dude, every months hundreds of new windows viruses appear. Every week another criticial security hole is found, and Microsoft needs sometimes YEARS to fix them. That are facts, no myths.

Yes, yes, viruses. Of course, with 9 out of 10 PC's running Windows, that is where one would expect to find them. So Linux and MacOS don't get viruses. Neither do fat chics, because nobody wants to F them. ;-)
and don't forget all that zombies generating 95% of spam. How many machines in that ombie networks are windows machines. With the user having no clue what is going on?

There is another reason for the lack of viruses. If you have a virus working on RHEL4, you don't have a guarantee, that it works on debian, ubuntu 6.06 or NLD.

Originally Posted by SquireSCA
Unstable - if you have a winsdows box with NOTHING else running, it is stable. Sadly you need: an antivirus solution, a firewall, not oine but two spyware detection&removal tools. And some other 'security' and 'privacy solutions' which, in combination, suck away performance and make it unstable. That is not a myth. That is my experience dealing with windows users every day.

Sadly, I do not see those problems. AVG provides a great and free virus scanner. And MS provides a good and free spyware scanner. Other than that, I have no problems. And with the literal terabytes of pr0n and warez that I have downloaded over the past decade, I have yet to get slammed by a virus. And as for stability, another myth. You know the #1 thing that causes instability? Buggy device drivers, not the OS. And if you want to take the stance that it is not Linux's fault for lack of driver support, that it is the hadrware vendor's fault, then you should apply that same logic here. XP has proven for most people to be extremely stable.
Warez - another nice fact. I don't have warez at all - I don't need it. But as seems that no windows user out there can live without at least half a douzend stolen software titles...

Originally Posted by SquireSCA
I have had more instability in Linux than I have had with XP, in all seriousness. I would get Konqueror crashes and the X server would lock, etc...
lucky you.

Originally Posted by SquireSCA
Yes, and my opinion and bias makes me hate abominations like the registry, idiotic stuff like \, a braindead shell and the fact that driver managment is hell. 'you have to install the driver form the mainboard vendor, than the one from the chipset vendor and than the graphics-driver - and make sure you don't have any graphic drivers installed - and don't install the soundblaster driver before the graphic driver'. You'll find rubbish like that in every windows related forum.

And you find them all in the Linux forums as well. Forums tend to be havens for the people having problems, and that is not limited to any one OS.
no you won't.
It does not matter, if you install the nvidia drivers or the alsa-drivers first. It does not even matter which one is loaded first at boot. Compared with windows, where you have to follow the exact order or you are f*ed, it is like heaven.

Originally Posted by SquireSCA

Amd64, 939DualSata2, Audigy2, Geforce 6600.
Inferior hardware?

Yeah, inferior. 2+ year old sound card, 2 year old bargain level video card, etc... Compared to a 7800GTX SLI and X-Fi rig, it is inferior. I did not say that it would not suit your needs, but it it old outdated stuff, and nothing that I would consider buying personally.
why should I? The 7800GTX works too, doesn't it? And the X-FI? I am glad, that I don't use it. So many happy windows users with severe problems with that card. God, I am sooo thankfull, that I went with the audigy.... have a look at the creative forums....

Originally Posted by SquireSCA
I am playing ut2004, vegastrike, wesnoth, freevciv and some other minor games. Lack of good titles?

Yeah, I see a few basic games, and UT2004, which is going on 3 years old now. Try getting COD2, FEAR, HALO, Serious Sam2 and some other games running well at 1680x1050 4xFSAA 16xAniso and all the eye candy cranked up under Linux.
what is cod2? why should it interest me? HALO? Played on a console and didn't like it much, Serious Sam2 - never heard of. I am not a hardcore gamer....

Originally Posted by SquireSCA
and as you can see, I use it for: basic multimedia stuff (mp3/ogg encoding/playing, video encoding/watching, flash stuff, typing, playing. I don't miss anything.

Except the gaping security holes and the 60 000 Viruses.

If Linux works for you, great. If you are happy with it, kudos. I wish I could get it to work for me. I scour distrowatch *daily*, reading every review I can find, burning stacks of ISO's and trying them out, but at the end of the day, there is really only one OS that does everything that I need it to, and that is Windows.

I wish that it were otherwise, as I like the notion of a free OS with free apps and customization and all that. You seem to think that I am some Windoers fanboi here to bash teh Nix, but you would be wrong, sir.

I would love to see Linux challenge Windows in the desktop market and bring about the same competition that AMD brought to the CPU market, where we can all afford fabulous chips from either company.

I just don't see it happening, yet. That's just an honest assessment of where things are today. it is not bashing, and a year from now it could be en entirely different story.
I bet - 90% of the 'warez' and apps you think are necessary are really superflous. I also bet, that most of the games you play would work with cedega.

And for your problems: you have the 'experienced windows user syndrom'. You think, that beeing able to deal with windows, should help you with linux. But that is not true. Linux is different enough, that all your windows experience is not worth anything.

Think about it like the difference between a car with automaitc suspension and a truck with 24gears.

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