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Default XVideo problems on GeForce 6100 and AMD64


while I was getting life into my GeForce 6100, I found that everything works on it, except xvideo.
It is an nforce4 chipset and integrated video. (Gigabyte GA-K8N51 GMF-9-RH) Xorg.log says everything is OK, loaded and initialized. OpenGL works fine, also composite, render, xrandr, etc.

Symptoms: running xvinfo immediately hardlocks my machine. Running xawtv with no extra parameters (when it tries to use an xvideo port) immediately kills Xorg. tvtime works, but deinterlacing is slow, with artifacts. (It is not CPU related, my AMD 3200+ should be enough.)

The problem is (besides that I can not use anything xvideo-related ) that I can not get any information, since xvinfo freezes. I read that xvideo does not use overlay anymore, it uses xvmc. Not a problem, but how can I tell my programs to use this one? I can not see any xvideo ports with xvinfo...
I have vesafb compiled into the kernel, it works in some way. (I have an fb console, but can not use qingy, since it does not give any picture. Also, I can not set any other resolution than 124x768 at 256 colors with 76 hertz.)

I did not find anything on the net with this xvinfo problem. All posts I found starts with "please, run xvinfo and write here the info" - but I can not run xvinfo...

Does someone found this problem?

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