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Lightbulb Re: New card (FX5500) - New bloody lock-ups



Maybe checking the drivers AGP settings would have been a good idea!! (pirate)
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Cool Re: New card (FX5500) - New bloody lock-ups

Further to my last post, changing to AGP 2x in the BIOS didn't really last. The problem eventually came back!

Anyhow, from everyone's postings in these forums (and some of the documentation) it looks like a general AGP issue. Not all chipsets are created equal!! This would explaing why I started having the issue after a motherboard change (using the same video card). It's a hardware/driver issue...

It turns out to be the old case of RTFM yet again!! Check out the link in my post above...

I found that switching to the NVAGP rather than the default AGPGART has fixed my issue, once and for all (setting switched back to AGP 4x in the BIOS). Interestingly enough, the NVidia system utility now thinks that my AGP card is PCI..??? Oh well, it works now!!!

To do this (in SUSE 10.1), open SAX2, click on the video driver options button. Find the NVAGP option in the list & double click it. Enter a value of 1. Click OK & save the configuration. Reboot & may the force be with you...


P.s. I've read somewhere that you're supposed to disable the AGPGART kernel module for NVAGP to work properly. I don't care, at least I've fixed my problem! (Haven't noticed any performance problems either).
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Default Re: New card (FX5500) - New bloody lock-ups

Originally Posted by arcadian
I can't pick up any serious performance decrease with the 2x setting. Does anyone know if it will affect performance?
During my investigations of my issue, for all pretence and purpose, the difference between AGPx2 - x4 - x8 is so subtle, normally as a user you will not see (or measure) any difference.

So the lesson I learnt is to run AGP at whatever speed is stable.

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