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Default OpenInventor problems


I have an application with main-window an OpenInventor (OpenGL) SoXtExaminerViewer
widget. The application is ported to Linux, and previously ran flawless on IRIX.
With this application running on Linux I'm seeing two odd things:

- double buffering fails horribly when dragging other windows on top of the
main window (this might be backing-store, or save-unders, however
setting either one or both doesn't help;
This thing also happens with for example ivview, which comes with

- the border of the SoXtExaminerViewer flashes all the time; when handling the application, this may go away;
fiddling with resource-settings for travelsalOn, highlighting, borderWidth
does nothing to help this problem

Using a different window-mgr does not help either problem.

Further relevant specs:

CPU: dual core
GPU: NVidia FX1400 (8*** series drivers), dual head
OS: Linux RedHat Fedora Core 3, Gnome desktop, Xorg X11
OpenInventor 2.1.5

My question is: has anyone seen said phenomenons in similar situations?
What causes them? What can be done to solve them?

Thanks in advance,
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Default Re: OpenInventor problems

Please generate and post an nvidia-bug-report.log and provide the dataset required to reproduce this problem.

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