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Default ti1800SE, helpp X-window crashed!!

with new driver, whenever changing from X-window into console, either CTRL-ATL-x or reboot/halt the whole system is crashed, and it screwed up my mdk9.1 files, so i need to re-install my system again
anyone have any ideas??

my config:
XP 2400+
Epox 8RDA+
512 Mb Samsung DDR400
Monitor: LG F700B
VGA: Leadtek A280 TDH MyVIVO (Ti4800SE)
Mandrake9.1 (will try rh9.0)
uisng on-board LAN and sound

nb: does anyone have same prob with me? could it be change using rh9.0?
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Andy Mecham
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There are a couple of threads in this forum indicating that the latest system bios for the EPOX boards may have some problems. You might want to read them to make sure you're not in the same situation.

Andy Mecham
NVIDIA Corporation
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andy, will using rh9.0 avoid this prob?
I'm using 1/17/2003 version and still no luck, 1/29/2003 also no luck..........
I wonder what's wrong with it?
so if using rh9.0 won't solved this prob, is that mean i won't be able to use rh9.0 on my system? coz, as what i know is the newest driver is the only driver that works on rh9.0 ........

i tried the newest driver again, and it crash my system and after reboot, my mdk9.1 acted strangely, such as :"locale command not found", etc........
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