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Default twinview concerns

Hi there!
I have a GF6600 that works great under linux 2.6.17 and xorg 6.8.2. There's only one problem that I have.
I have two CRT monitors on TwinView. The right one is connected to the native VGA port, and the left one is connected to the DVI port through an adapter. Now, for some reason whenever I start a game, Doom 3 for instance, it insists on putting it on the ergonomically unsuitable left screen, while my right screen is still viewing the desktop. FYI I use sawfish as window manager, if that matters. I'd like to still use TwinView because of the shared framebuffer, but this is a problem that's really annoying.
Anyone have any experience of this?
(Yes, I've searched the forum)
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Default Re: twinview concerns

Add an extra metamode. If you just had lets say "1024x768, 1024x768" change it to "1024x768, 1024x768; 1024x768, NULL" and use the second one for gaming.
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Default Re: twinview concerns

Thank you very much! I had no idea about the NULL thing, thanks!
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