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Question glPointSize Issue

In an OpenGL application, I have a display that plots points. Simple. An example plot shows concentric rings spaced 100 pixels apart. Looks pretty. However, if I set glPointSize() to a value > 1, then my circles show discontinuities on the X and Y axis, as if the OpenGL driver is not using the center of the point to plot, but rather the corner of a square with dimensions of the glPointSize value. This is not seen on a Macintosh using a ATI card; I can crank up the glPointSize value and circles look like circles.

Has anyone else seen this? I'll try and file a bug report, but the machine I'm doing the testing on does not have net access.


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Default Re: glPointSize Issue

In case of issues like this create a small testcase and attach it to a bugreport if you really think it is a bug. If you aren't sure if it is a bug or not build a testcase aswell and attach it to this thread so that people (including ones from nvidia) could take a look at it. Keep the testcase as simple as possible.
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Default Re: glPointSize Issue

Yes, please provide what Thunderbird requested, along with an nvidia-bug-report.log.

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