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Default problems upgrading to 6200 on SuSE 10.1


I messed up an upgrade from a GeForce 4 MX440-8X card to a 6200 (forgot to reduce run level). I am trying to restore my driver / X combination from the command line and am falling over with the nvidia install routines. So, no X at present but the system seems happy enough with the 6200 card (it is mentioned in the boot sequence and in the SaX.log before I end up getting a error loading nvidia.ko).

I have tried both the SuSE recommended approach and the NVidia alternative as per the download instructions.

My config is SuSE 10.1
I have kernel-source, gcc, make, pkgconfig x-org-x11-server-sdk in place

There is a file called nvidia.ko in the directory /lib/modules/

...but it won't load according to the SaX.log

The nvidia-installer (ncurses) reports the following sequence in it's log (sorry I haven't worked out how to get the log file onto this machine from the other box):

- older driver in place - remove? {yes}
- no precompiled kernel interface found - attempt to download {yes}
- download failed (unable to connect - unknown host)
- installer will need to compile interface
- performs sanity checks and tries to compile stuff

I then get a stream of errors which appear to start when the system cannot find stdarg.h

The chain of files/lines implicated appear to be nv.c, nv-linux.h:50 and nv.c:14 and finally /usr/src/linux/ error: stdarg.h no such file or directory.

There then follow a load of references to va_list etc.

An ls on the directory confirms no stdarg.h

Any suggestions much appreciated. Is this falling over because my kernel sources are lacking stdarg.h? Is this a side effect of the failed attempt to connect to download.nvidia.com? Any tips on how to get send the log files between machines connected to the net, but not directly connected?


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Default Re: problems upgrading to 6200 on SuSE 10.1


I had the same problem, but I solved it 10 minutes ago!

The nvidia installer doesn't work with the colorbin package, which makes an nice colorfull output of gcc. I didn't want to uninstall colorbin, so I simply changed the the links in /usr/local/bin/gcc cc c++ to the orignal gcc cc c++ executables.

And I didn't really believe it, but now it works!!!

Hope I could help you,


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