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Default Two problems causing X freezes and hard lockups

I decided to create this thread to attract attention on two problems that follow me since I first installed nVidia drivers in Linux. Those two problems are quite serious since they cause hard lockups of my system, which then requires rebooting since I can't access it through ssh.

Problem 1
This problem occurs after playing an OpenGL game (Quake 3 in my case), then logging out, loggin in, and starting a video file with either mplayer or xine. This will cause X to simply restart when opening the video file, and the problem can be prevented by restarting X before logging in. After the problem, if I try to repeat the process without restarting X, Quake 3, mplayer or xine will generally freeze, and nothing can be done locally with the system except alt-sysrq-s/u/b (restarting X via ctlr-alt-backspace or changing virutal console doesn't work). Various logs don't show anything of interest. This has happened since v. 2960 (the first time I installed nvidia drivers) and still happens with v. 4349. Otherwise, I have no problem whatsoever running Quake 3. The problem can't be repeated of course with the default nv driver since it doesn't support hardware acceleration.

Problem 2
This happened to me more recently. I simultaneously upgraded to drivers 4349 from 4191, and from Mozilla 1.1 to Mozilla 1.3. Randomly it seems, but *always* when Mozilla is open, and *always* when I'm either typing in the mail client, a text box, or scrolling a window, X would completely freeze. The problem doesn't occur if Mozilla is open but not used. Running top in batch mode while redirected to a file shows that X uses 98-99% of CPU (the rest being used by top, Mozilla being idle) after the freeze. Ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't work for restarting X, ctrl-alt-del doesn't work for rebooting, and I can't change virtual console either. Rebooting is the only remaining solution since I can't log in remotely and kill X. Curiously, the problem remained present when going back to Mozilla 1.1, upgrading to Mozilla 1.4a, and even going back to 4191 drivers. The problem is not present while using the default nv driver and folks at mozilla.bugzilla.org are 100% sure that such a lock-up can't be caused by Mozilla. There was no other recent change in my system that could have triggered the problem (since it was not happening before), except maybe the use of ntpd for networked time synchronization. Absolutely nothing interesting shows up in the various logs, even with verbose 5 X logging.

Vidcard: Generic GF2 MX400 64 MB
Mobo: Asus A7V266-E
Processor: Athlon XP 1800+
System RAM: 512 MB DDR
OS: currently Linux Mandrake 9.0
XFree86: 4.2.1-3mdk

I will happily give you more information if asked; however as I said before, nothing anomalous was found in the system logs after both problems.

Thanks for any help or hint.
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I have a similar problem here. If I am running an OpenGL application (a game that I currently develop) and resize the OGL Window (this just reconfigures the Viewport and Projection Matrice), the whole box freezes. In addition, the keyboard led for caps lock and scroll lock are blinking - whatever this means.

I don't think this is a theading issue, and I don't think this is my mistake, since it works well on another linux box with an older nvidia driver and on Windows.

My System:

Athlon XP 1700+
SIS Chipset (was too lazy to look at which one)
GeForce IV TI4200 128 DDR
Debian/testing with 2.4.20 vanilla kernel
Current Nvidia Driver

I have not tried to downgrade the driver.
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I forgot to mention an amusing detail about problem 2, which was experienced, it seems, by other people as well (see for example this thread): while X is frozen and uses nearly 100% CPU, sound is still working and the mouse cursor can still move around.
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Old 04-27-03, 04:50 AM   #4
Geforce Ti4200
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same problem here
(without Mozilla)
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I use NVidia Drivers about one and a half years now and it's ever the same. 3D acceleration works great (congratulations and thx :-)), but ....
I haven't recognized problem 1 yet, but problem 2 is more than annoying. I know several people with different Graphic Chips having this trouble, so they don't use NVidias driver. I stopped using too because this and only try if the problem is fixed with new drivers. I'll start trying the 4363 now with the new installer and hope strongly, that NVidia will express something about the problems.
We can't suggest NVidia Graphic Cards to customers, until this should be fixed.


AMD K6-2 500MHz
DFI K6BV3+ /66 rev. B+
256 MB RAM
GeForce 2MX 32 MB
SuSE 8.1 mostly a selfcompiled Kernel
XFree86 4.2.0-176

with kindly regards
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I'm having the same problem as well (x locking, now your opengl problem). It seems to be related to xft font rendering, or so I've gathered. Some people seem to be having luck with adding this line to their X config file:

Option "RenderAccel" "false"

Though this does nothing for me, some say it fixes the problem entirely. Try turning off aa fonts in mozilla and see if that helps. If I start fluxbox and only use apps that don't use aa fonts (my gtk 1.x apps, etc), then I can't make the machine lock, but gnome 2 with all my reg. apps running (all of which use aa fonts) locks every time. This is especially true with opera 7. Perhaps the ammount of font rendering web browsers do causes the bug to surface more often. There seems to be a wealth of people on the gentoo board (at gentoo.org) with the same problem...

Vidcard: TNT2 Model 64 32meg
Mobo: Asus K7M
CPU: 900MHz TBird
System RAM: 128mb pc133
OS: Gentoo 1.4
XFree86: 4.3.0
Kernel Version: 2.4.20

- Mik Mifflin
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This bug is also repported on the Gentoo Bugzilla. With some additionnal informations.

I have a KT400 mb with an Atlon XP 2000+, 256 MB DDRAM, linux kernel 2.4.20 (gentoo release r2), and a Geforce 460Mx (Leadtek MyViVo) and XFree 4.3.
(but I've also this bug on other kernels/XFree, see the Gentoo bug repport)
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