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Default Flickering: Which cards do, which don't

As seen in this thread, there is currently a problem with some GeForce FX 5900 video cards that can best be described as flickering.

In order to guide people attempting to make new purchases, I would appreciate it if everybody who browses these forums that owns a GeForce FX 5900 would please post a single time to this thread. Simply post whether or not you see the flickering, and the brand/model of your FX 5900.

I hope that with enough information, it can be discerned whether or not this problem affects FX 5900's across the board, or whether some manufacturers have managed to produce video cards that do not exhibit the problem. If it does turn out to be manufacturer-specfic, one can hope that manufacturers who have been selling the defective cards would issue recalls, or, at the very least, offer new PCB revisions that do not exhibit the problem.

Please post only once to this thread, wih only the information required. Please leave all discussion on the topic to the above mentioned thread.
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When I had it, and when I get it back I'll test it again:

Albatron FX5900 PV. I haven't tried the VGA connector but having my Hitachi LCD attached via DVI produced none of the problems described here at any resolution or refresh rate.
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1. I do have the flickering with various games.

2. I have a Evga Geforce FX 5900 Ultra.
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(TWO) PNY 5900 Ultra's...both had flicker-flicker-flicker

Tested on two different machines, two different monitors...

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Abit IC7-G
ATI 9800 Pro 128
1024 Megs XMS PC-3500
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1. It does flicker. I can even reproduce the problem in 2D with horizontal scroller.

2. Card: PixelView GeForce FX 5900
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(Two) MSI FX5900-TD128: Flickering in 2D/3D using analog VGA output

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BFG FX5900 (128MB) using VGA connector

no flickering in 2D/3D, ran DisplayMate Suite to check 2D and various games to check 3D

Mike G
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Gainward 5900 Ultra (VGA connector)

NO flickering (at my max Vsync, for every res)
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Asus 9950 Ultra.

Flickering in 2D and 3D using the analog VGA output.
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Gainward Golden Sample 5900 Ultra 256mb.
2d flickering. 3d flickering. Not all 2d applications though, same as 3d.
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Default No Flickering

No flickering.

BFG 5900 Ultra

System Specs:
AMD Athlon XP 1700+ @ 1.825GHz - Thouroughbred Revision A (AIUGA)
ENERMAX EG465P-VE(FCA) 431W Power Supply
EPoX 8K3A+ (8K3A2B01 BIOS)
Samsung PC2700 (220 K4H560383D-TCB3) DDR SDRAM (1) 512MB DIMM
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40GB 7200RPM ATA-133 Hard Disk Drive (2)
Hitachi CM721FB CRT Monitor - 19-Inch / 85Hz Refresh Rate
BFG Technologies Asylum GeForce FX 5900 Ultra - 256MB
NVIDIA Detonator XP Driver Version 44.03
VIA Hyperion 4in1 v4.48 drivers
32-Bit Color / Onboard Sound / Vsync Disabled
Windows XP Professional w/ Service Pack 1 / DirectX 9b
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We have become aware that both NVIDIA and competitor’s cards are experiencing similar problems that are described as “flickering”, “rolling lines” or “quivering” in different forum posts. Here are a couple of examples:



NVIDIA has been investigating these problems; we are having a difficult time reproducing the issue. We are under the impression it is a noise issue, not a graphics card issue and is system specific.

In an effort to find a solution, we ask that anyone in the Bay area who is experiencing this issue on an NVIDIA GPU and would like to visit NVIDIA with the system in tow contact us. We can use the system to identify the problem and see if we can resolve the issue. You will be doing a favor to NVIDIA and a service to the community. We will also make sure you leave with an arm full of NVIDIA swag!

First come first served! We can not look at every system in the Bay area, sorry.
Contact bburke@nvidia.com.
Brian Burke
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