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Question Redhat 8.0 and GeForce4 Ti 4200

I installed RH8 on my system, and noticed that there was no XF86Config-4, but a XF86Config. I looked throgh the files and saw that RH had set up vesa as the driver... How can this be? I then downloaded the kernelfile and glx and installed the rpms.

I then restarted X and nothing had changed. My XF86Config was unaltered. I then tried to reinstall the rpms, thinking something must have gone wrong. But both rpms told me they were already installed on my system.

So, what do I do now? I have used Mandrake 8.2 until now. There I had an XF86Config-4 for my old GeForce2 MX and the driver was nv and not vesa....

Can anyone help me out here?

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First off you need to start reading the documentation if your going to use linux.


But i'll tell you what you need to do, 'as root';

rpm -qa | grep NVIDIA (should show you what you have installed)
rpm -e NVIDIA* (will remove whatever packages you have there)
rpm -qa | grep NVIDIA (should show nothing now)

download the src rpm's for gxl and kernel. (it's just an easier way to do this in the long run for any distro and it will stop those somewhat annoying key errors during install)

then build the packages specifically for your system.

rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_(package names for both glx and kernel).rpm

you will see a line where it says "wrote:/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/bla bla bla" If you do not see this line almost at the end, it did not compile right and it's not gonna work. You instead see an error exit status.

once good, then install them

rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/bla bla bla.i386.rpm

(i use -ivh because i like to know what it is doing, -i works fine thou. And by the way, don't install .src.rpm's they are not there to install even thou they will.)

after you did this for both rpms edit your x config XF86Config and XF86Config-4 are the same thing, it's just they started naming them XF86Config-4 as not to confuse people with the change from the 3x server to the 4x. By now EVERY newer distro should not be using XF86Config-4 anymore... (it should be back to XF86Config since nobody is really using 3x anymore) I have no idea why mandrake still holds onto it as it was a temporary solution and should not be followed to the end of *nix days. Anyways,

vi /etc/X11/XF86Config

edit the [device] section where it says "nv" change that to "nvidia" and your set with redhat 8.0. make sure dri module is not being loaded also, make sure glx is being loaded

Before you do all this and maybe you mess up or not, it is generally a good idea to change your inittab to console multiuser mode.

vi /etc/inittab

change mode from 5 to 3 at the top and reboot into console as not be botherd by reboots when your working on x. Just log on and type startx to start up your GUI enviroment and switch inittab back once you have everything the way you want it. All of this is in the nvidia documentation also. I am being specific to your rh8.0 install hoping it helps you out.
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