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Default Re: gainward 3gb gtx 580 card

Nice, gonna grab a couple when they show up
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Default Re: gainward 3gb gtx 580 card

Would be nice if EVGA also came out with a 3GB card so I could step my current 580s to them.
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Default Re: gainward 3gb gtx 580 card

I am incredibly jealous of that heatsink. I'd love to frankenrig some 120mm Ultra Kaze's to that thing.
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Default Re: gainward 3gb gtx 580 card

VR-zone really should've done some benches at something like 7680x1600 since that review pretty much indicates there is no reason to get 3GB of vram. I figured it'd make a diff with lots of AA at 2560x1600 but nope. The temps honestly aren't even that much better than the stock cooler so that's not much of a plus either.
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Default Re: gainward 3gb gtx 580 card

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I'm curious as well

For example in Crysis, I can't even go higher than Medium settings because that already maxes the 1.5GB of the 480s. So standard 580s would be pointless.
FSX is also very borderline, hell even iRacing is around 1.4GB...

According to "internal testing" the 3GB will really boost performance for high res displays:

And it even has 1 DisplayPort Although I now have my DP inputs used up by the Mac Pro anyway
Scarily enough, even WoW at max settings will top out at 1.5Gb, and that's at 5860x1080. I require 2 of these cards as well.
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