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Default Driver stuck in infinite loop

I'm running an old card, an nVidia Quadro4 750 XGL , AGP(4x) with 128Mb RAM, and when I try to load certain 3D applications, the driver gets stuck in an infinite loop. (Causing a Bluescreen.)
This happens both with TrackMania United Forever, and with a Graphics Card Stability Test, but not with Halo CE or Flight Simulator X.
I have recently switched PCs - I had this card in my old PC and it worked fine.

System Specs:
3GHz Hyper-threading Pentium 4
2.75Gb RAM
NVidia Quadro4 750 XGL 128Mb AGP - Overclocked to 320MHz from 277MHz with RivaTuner - this is not causing the problems.
2 80Gb IDE drives, 2 DVD drives, 1 external 1TB drive
Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value (Quadraphonic sound card)

Current screen resolution: 2048x1536, 68Hz (Desktop only, different Res's used for gaming.)

Seeing as this card worked fine in my old PC, would this be a problem with the new motherboard?
Also, I've tried both nVidia's 91.38 drivers, and am currently running the beta 93.81 drivers.
Would third-party drivers work here? If so, where could I find some?
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Default Re: Driver stuck in infinite loop

Things to check:
- renderer used by the applications crashing: at first glance, you may have an OpenGL problem. Check with known applications using either DirectX or OpenGL.
- what system are you running? WinXP? Win7? Did you patch it all?
- Which drivers does the nvidia website recommend?
- could you lower your desktop resolution and set a more usual refresh rate (try 1600x1200x32 @ 60Hz for example)?
- could you try to reset your speed to stock first?
- does your motherboard have a special power connector near the AGP slot? Is it plugged in?
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