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Default X server crash with VMWare or VirtualBox + nvdia binary driver + session switch

My wife and I both use the same PC, so multiple user sessions is a must-have for me and mostly seems to work OK. However, if I have VMWare Server or VMWare Player running in my session and she switches session, my X server will crash, kicking her out of her session (which remains active) and back to the KDM login on my VT. She then logs in again, so I find later two running sessions for her, and mine vanished.

As I say, this happens with VMWare Server and Player. I also recently discovered that it happens with Virtualbox too.

The crash sometimes happens immediately when the session is switched, and sometimes a while after. Occasionally, it does not happen at all (usually when you are trying to test it).

I ran with the open (nv) driver for a while, and couldn't provoke a crash, so it's likely that it doesn't suffer from the problem. Before long I got sick of the bad 2D performance and swapped back.

This problem happened both on Ubuntu Feisty and Edgy before it. I've also recently updated my driver from the one packaged with Feisty to 100.14.19.

Has anyone seen this problem, or have a solution to it?

How can I trap errors or get some debug trace out of the X server when it goes? At the moment, nothing useful is written to /var/log/Xorg.0.log and others.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: Should say, my hardware is AMD X2 4400+, MSI 7900GTO, 2GB RAM, nForce 4 Ultra chipset
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