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Default The WAIT issue... an eternal mystery.

I'm working temporarily with a fresh Feisty install, so I had the opportunity to make some extra tests involving the infamous WAIT issue (aka random freezes while using compiz fusion).

I've tried a lot of combinations of settings, but all I can say for now is that this problem seems definitely related to the Composite extension:

1) occurs even if I use an old stable version of compiz or beryl

2) does not occur AT ALL if no composite manager is enabled, and I've tried overloading the GPU a lot: two 3D screensavers, glxgears and a big video, all in the same screen. Flawless.

Now, the obvious problem is: who should we actually ask for help? I mean, it's easy to blame nvidia for this, but fact is: I don't have anything other than compiz and beryl to test the composite extension (do I?) so it might as well be a compiz / beryl bug, since one is a fork of the other...
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Default Re: The WAIT issue... an eternal mystery.

Hmm... Found something today, but I don't know how interesting is this.

I've tried to install Compiz again on a fresh Feisty installation and ran into the "no borders" problem. It turns out I had DEPTH 16, so once I changed it to 24 the borders worked perfectly.

But one thing I noticed is that, while I was having the no borders problem, I could wooble the windows with ALT and spin the cube with the mouse normally... and with no freezes, even when playing a video (something guaranteed to cause freezes in normal circunstances).

So I don't know how relevant is this, but perhaps it would be interesting if someone else tests this (change depth to 16 and see if the freezes happen while using no-borders compiz)?
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