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Default Uninstalling?

How can I uninstall 100.14.19 package that was downloaded from web? I can't get it working, always kernel module errors.. So I want to go back with Ubuntu Feisty's deb package 1.0.9755 which at least works.

This run-package from web has always been pain in the ass in Ubuntu. I have struggled with that several times, but I have managed often by consuming couple of hours to it. Now I can't get it working, so I want my old package, but I think I have to someway uninstall this crappy run-package. But how? This ain't working, if I try to just reinstall the deb-packages without uninstalling 100.14.19. Any hints?

Or is there some hints how to get this run-package working without kernel module errors? But the most important is that how to get back to working 1.0.9755?
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Default Re: Uninstalling?

The problems with the run package are not due to it being crappy, but due to Ubuntu changing lots of long-existing standards in the Linux world. So what works for everyone else does not work for Ubuntu. I would call that Ubuntu's fault.

Apparently you have not read the documentation. It is installed as /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README.txt on your system.
Maybe your problems would have been solved had you read that. But at least it also explains how to uninstall the package:

nvidia-installer --uninstall
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Default Re: Uninstalling?

ditto Linux is not served up on a silver platter....a litlle reading wil help emensely...
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Default Re: Uninstalling?

The reason you're having issues is because the linux-restricted-modules and the nvidia-kernel-common packages provide the binary nvidia driver. As a result, the package installed conflicts with the package in the repos. The answer is to purge these packages then install the .run package.

Things like this happen to be one of the reasons I migrated to Debian.
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