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Default I support NVIDIA as well

I have long supported ATI because I have viewed NVIDIA as the *evil corp* of the graphics card market.

Like everyone else I wish NVIDIA would open source their drivers, but I must say this.

If you want a modern graphics card that just *works* in Linux, you just can't beat NVIDIA. It's basically the only card that *just works* in Linux, and I mean mostly every feature, latest hardware, etc. Sure, it's not perfect, but other cards are not even close. If I have to choose between crappy open source support and top notch closed source support, I'll take closed source, because it is enabling me to use Linux comfortably. Otherwise, I might not use Linux as much, and that would be a bad thing, because Linux itself is a great OS and I like using it and it would suck if I couldn't use it for some silly technicality, like non-working/flakey graphics card support.

So while ATI does (or did?) play well with open source by opening up their specs to open source devs, you have to wonder, who is better? If you are a pragmatic person, you look at results. And I think results speak for themselves: NVIDIA drivers are better.

There is only one problem and that is integration. NVIDIA drivers are poorly integrated and what this means is that you can't have a nicely working XFree86 right after installing your favorite distro (mostly true). Another problem is that when you upgrade your kernel, X is broken until you reinstall NVIDIA drivers. This is the kind of problem that might not exist were NVIDIA drivers open sourced.

Anyway, I highly recommend you get some cheap NVIDIA card, even GF3 will do, and be happy. Alternatively, you can get an older ATI card like plain old Radeon 64 (it's supported very well). Of the high end cards, NVIDIA has Linux support that just can't be matched, open source issues aside.
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Default about that mb..

Before you buy anything, borrow it from a friend first (if you can) and try it. I have the same MB (ECS K7S5A) and I just bought GF4MX440 and OpenGL games don't work anymore in my Linux (they do, but after a few minutes of playing the system freezes completely, in W2K it works fine).

Anyway, if you find any newer nvidia card working fine with the ecs mb, please let me know (my former tnt2 pro was ok, but too slow i-)
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