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Default Re: S3 Suspend Failures


Unfortunately, no, the problem I have been experiencing (the kernel Oops on resume) does not depend upon the setting of Sync to VBlank. I presently have VBlank disabled and yet the problem persists. If understand correctly, there is a problem with texture restoration with Sync to VBlank enabled (thus the black screen) although this has been more or less fixed with the latest beta driver (100.14.23).

With regards to executing commands on suspend, this will depend upon how you are suspending the system. If using gnome-power-manager/hal/pm-utils, pm-utils should already be switching VTs before and after suspend. Otherwise, there are dozens of suspend scripts out there so you'll need to look into your exact case. In the past, I have just used a home-cooked shell script to suspend/resume for me although I have found that pm-utils is now much more capable and thus rely on it exclusively.

One way to perhaps remedy the tearing issue is to enable sync to vblank in nvidia-settings. This should work just as well as sync to vblank in compiz.

Hope this helps,

- Ben
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Default Re: S3 Suspend Failures

Yes, bgamari, I can confirm your problem with my laptop with a G72M [Quadro NVS 110M/GeForce Go 7300]. Same problem with resuming when compiz is running. I have sync_to_vblank off in compiz config settings. I've also tried drivers 9639 and 100.14.23. Unfortunately 100.14.(19-23) has freezing problem (see other posts) bug, so I reverted back to 9639 for now. But, 100.14.23 didn't fix this resume problem anyway.

I can run ubuntu without compiz and suspend / resume work all the time. As soon as I turn on compiz, I get one or two suspend working, then the following suspend will not resume .. same issues you describe.

I also tried the nv driver and had not suspend problems. But, since the 9639 works without compiz, I have temporarily shut off compiz.

I don't know if nvidia takes this as their bug or not. Maybe it is a compiz bug. I do not know how to trouble shoot it. But I have filed a bug report against compiz too.

I'd also like to know if nvidia takes this as their bug. If they say no, then I can go and follow bugs with compiz instead. But, if it is nvidia, then it's not fair to bug compiz too. Right now compiz does not accept it AFAIK.

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Default Re: S3 Suspend Failures

Thanks Ben, I'll look into your suggestions.
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