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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Originally Posted by Dragunov
Well, what about graphics and gameplay, better than Oblivion or on par with it?
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Oblivion is a very nice game too, and I just want to know if it looks and feels better
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
since when was oblivion a POS? The only people I know of that call oblivion a "POS" are people who have nothing better to do with their time other than cry about "ZOMG noT REL RPG!" Oblivion was good for what it was. It was fun. All that matters. Who cares whether or not it was a TrURE RpG!

And I seriously doubt witcher looks anywhere near as good as Oblivion, being Witcher on the Aurora engine.
Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
if tygerwoody says its bad, its bad.
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

The graphics are a DX8 /DX9 style . I believe that without paralax and normals and HDR - but some bloom efects - good models and animations - escept the facial animations . The artistic design is good in this game , dark , impressive.

The gameplay is a mixture between Click-action RPGs and clasic RPG games, with many conversations and decisions diferent . But the combat not is only a typical click only , is diferent . You must click when the crosshair indicates the possibility of injuring or give a fatal attack, and choose three different modes of combat, against groups , against powerful enemies and against the rapid enemies. And the history and atmosphere has a sound adult

The critiques in the reviews and first opinions in my country are good critiques , with good notes for the type of game that is. The game is something linear in some scenes . Alone I have played the beginning of the tutorial .

The Witcher 720p video to see at FULSCREEN

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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

jonelo, that footage does interest me. can you get some longer gameplay footage? How do special melee abilities and spells play out?
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

I am very bad at playing these games , if I learn to play with special abilities and spells, yes
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Originally Posted by Dragunov
Oblivion is a very nice game too, and I just want to know if it looks and feels better
You can't really compare. If you like FPS then Oblivion will probably feel better, if you like Isometric and Third Person, The Witcher will feel better. For looks, again you can't compare. Oblivion has a bright, happy HDR glowy look, while The Witcher is dark and gloomy with blur effects.

However both are 'light' RPGs. The Witcher has a Dark Messiah/Bloodlines system for skill building (though a lot more in depth) while Oblivion basically worked like real life, where you do and you learn. I like the Witcher's skill system, gives me a lot more control over my character.

Also The Witcher's story, promises to be a lot better than Oblivion's IF it survives the translation ok.
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Graphics are less spectacular than Oblivion and the engine doesn't seem to be optimized at all. I'd say the graphics are on par with what Source and Unreal engine 2.5 are capable of but the requirements are certainly higher.

It's still too early to judge the gameplay. The look and feeling is very different from any other fantasy RPG out there. Sure there are dwarves and elves but this is a gritty, dark, dirty world which reeks with decadence and corruption in a subtle but convincing way.

Unlike Oblivion there ARE dialogues with choices here And they do carry conseguences. Combat is a bit like Baldur's gate with some real time elements in it. It's also possible to pause any time and do some actions while paused. I think it can please both trigger happy people and those who prefer something less intense.

I've played about 4 hrs tonight and the game never crashed. Here are a couple of promised screenshots; two are from cutscenes but they use ingame assets, at least I think so:

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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

I think a good comparison is how is it compare to NWN2?

And yea Oblivion was..very very boring..
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Originally Posted by crainger
I know a bunch of guys running Vista who have the game and they said it's running extremely well.
Yeah, just more Vista myths. Guess the bullsh*t will never end.

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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Yeah, just more Vista myths. Guess the bullsh*t will never end.
The page of update of the game, one of few things that puts

1. The Witcher may exhaust virtual address space when running on 32-bit Windows Vista. Microsoft has released a hotfix that addresses this problem. Please download the hotfix from the following location when playing the game on 32-bit Windows Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940105
And the same problem in many games with great usage of memory - Stalker, Supreme Comander Crysis ? , the typical true games of PC
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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

1.1 patch is out!


Patch 1.1 Major Fixes
Gameplay & text bugs fixed:

- Fixed character development issues with some abilities and skills.
- Fixes for some storyline related progression breaks.
- Fixes for druids' day-night cycle in Act 5.
---- Fixes for sex scene with nurses in Act 5. ---
- Signet fixes (some signets were received twice).
- Fixed story incoherency regarding Erkyn in Act 3.
- Experience gain indication localization fixes.
- Mutagen potion - new fixes for showing up a message.
- Fixed items used in eating animations.
- Geralt's allies fixed to always react properly to all mosnters.
- Bounty Hunter is Agent Smith no more (he doesn't replicate). Mr. Geralt, we missed you...
- Echinopses and Archespores now use their own spikes instead of arrows.
- Fixes for alchemical ingredients extracted from some monsters.
- Raven Crypt - few fixes for geometry and placeables.
- Fixed few places where player was supposed to meditate, but couldn't.
- Fixed story incoherence in Berengar quest.
- Soldier practicing on training dummy won't penetrate... it.
- Berengar won't disappear on sight when sparing him.
- A whole lot of localization fixes (some of them won't work with old savegames!).

Code bugs fixed:

- Fixed all diagnosed stability issues and crashes.
- Fixed few gameplay issues with WSAD and mousedrive controls.
- Alt-Tab related issues fixed (random crashes, hang-ups, cursor blocking).
- Cat potion estimated time display - fixed.
- Dropping items from the inventory fixes for better spread.
- Weapon visual FXes fixed during dialogues.
- Confirmation box shown when player uses Quick Load.
- Tooltip fixes for lower resolutions (for example 800x600).
- All read books now have the appropriate note in description.
- Sitting animation fixes for few characters that sat beside the chair.
- Alt-Tab fixes for dialogue lines and gameplay options.
- Savegame option blocked around Aard throwing time.
- Audio: rat squealing sound fixes for minimized mode.
- Movies and cutscenes fixes for Alt-Tabbing.
- AI: fixed NPCs chasing enemies that were no more.
- AI: few poker fixes.
- Fixed problems with items appearing back in storages.
- Fixed blizzard problems with cutscenes and dialogues.
- Fixed toxicity effect for Alt-Tabbing.
- Finishers fixes - animation sometimes did not play.
- When taking out an unknown item of the storage, the user can no longer see the name of the potion. Good one...
- Fixed saving in tight places (player got teleported after load... sometimes).

Art & sound bugs fixed:

- Vizim's Temple Quarter: ~30 physics fixes; corrected barrels; ~10 decoration fixes.
- Kaer Morhen: Wild animals fixes.
- Sewers: commoners sleeping fxes; ~5 item properties fixes; ~10 skeleton placement fixes.
- Vizim's Temple Quarter/Burning Vizim:The banner on the tower is no longer black.
- Old Manor: Koschey boss movement fixes.
- Mutants fixes for decapitation. That means no decapitation now.
- Werewolf physics fixes.
- Chainmail stand placeable now has collision surface (player/npc can't pass through it).
- Celina brightness fixes for interiors.
- Order knights lighting fixes.
- Bread item fixes for eating animation.
- More detailed model of Horse+Wagon for opening cutscenes.
- Journal entry for crypts fixed now.
- A child in epilogue cutscene doesn't look like badly sewn young Frankenstein.
- Old lady and dwarves - idle animation fixes.
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