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Default monitor often wakes up after 'xset dpms force off'

I have two monitors and if I use 'xset dpms force off' the second monitor (Samsung SyncMaster on CRT-1) most of the time wakes up after less than a second. I have to try a few times (up to 15 times this morning!) until is works (=both monitors turn off).

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Default Re: monitor often wakes up after 'xset dpms force off'

This functionality is not controlled by the X driver you're using. You should report this problem to whomever built your X server.
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Default Re: monitor often wakes up after 'xset dpms force off'

I use this method of switching off my primary monitor as well (because my monitor unfortunately switches off its builtin USB hub and cardreaders when switched off using the power button, even when it is configured to power the speaker amplifier when off).
What I find is that it sometimes does not work, but that this probably is because a spurious mouse movement action is received e.g. when bumping against the table or even when light conditions change and the optical mouse is confused.
As netllama already posted, it is not an nvidia driver problem. But it would certainly be nice when the X server would not wakeup the monitors so easily. E.g. one could configure that it requires some more mouse movement, or even wakeup only on a keypress.
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