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Post Re: Rendering of edges of moving windows not smooth

Meanwhile I went back to Beryl and checked the following things:

1) In Beryl you just have to activate the "vsync to blank" in the "general options" to get a really smooth rendering of edges during window movement. Then it is unnecessary even to activate "sync to vblank" in the Nvidia settings! (Strange, but works).

2) There are no problems with the CPU load for applications as "amorak" or "flash" animations. So the patch of Bearoso works but it is less efficient than Beryl regarding CPU consumption for some applications. Which is OK, as the patch was meant to emulate the Beryl behaviour and not to present a real solution.

So, for the time being I will stay with Beryl until the core of compiz fusion has been improved. (Despite some new and nice effects in compiz-fusion).
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Default Re: Rendering of edges of moving windows not smooth

Originally Posted by moenchmeyer
An additional remark:

There is a disadvantage of the patch. I found that applications which change a lot - like Amarok - lead to a substantial rise of CPU consumption when "compiz" is running.

With "kwin " as window manager Amarok has nearly no impact on the CPU load. With compiz running the CPU load on one of my two cores rises upt to 30 %. Minimizing Amarok reduces the load below 2% to 3%.
Is there a remedy for this effect ? Can't remember it from Beryl!
I've attached an updated patch that might resolve the CPU usage problem. It seems Compiz upstream added the glFinish patch most distributions were using, and in the nvidia driver glFinish seems to be using a busy-loop for some reason. This has a disastrous effect on the delayed-reaction glXSwapBuffers function.
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