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Default Display two screens on one monitor

HP xw6400 workstation
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.5
nVidia Quadro FX560 (2 DVI outputs)
nVidia driver version 100.14.13-2
HP LP3065 30" LCD Monitor (3 DVI-D inputs)
ThinkLogical EVS-34 KVM Extender

The EVS-34 has a maximum bandwidth of 165MHz per channel.
The monitor requires bandwidth of 245.8MHz at 2560x1600@60Hz.
Therefore cannot drive monitor at greater resolution than theoretical
2560x1074@60Hz from one video output.

Proposed solution:
Connect each video output to a separate channel of the EVS-34.
Connect the two EVS-34 channels to two of the monitor inputs.
Configure X to output 1280x1600@60Hz on both video outputs in "twinview" mode.
Configure X to instruct the monitor to display both inputs at the same time.

What will xorg.conf look like to achieve this?

I'm told that the monitor is capable of displaying multiple inputs
side by side on screen.
Resolution of 1280x1600@60Hz requires only 122.9MHz bandwidth.
Have been googling this for two days now, without success.
Have found lots on dual monitor one view setup, but little on one monitor
dual view setup.
I'm told this can be, and has been, done ... with this exact hardware and OS.
I will be grateful to anybody who can provide clues to solve this or points me
to a web page with clues.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Default Re: Display two screens on one monitor

I doubt this is actually possible - my LP3065 has very bare-bones controls.There doesn't seem to be enough user-interface options to allow multiple-inputs, nor is it ever mentioned in the manual. One other you might want to try is drive a low-refresh 2560x1600 out a single-link - I use this trick to get 2048x1536x40 on my IBM T210, but I'm not sure if this would work on the LP3065 (I know it does *not* work on the Apple 30")

I wonder if your source of info was getting confused with another montor. Some like the 3840x2400 IBM T221 could do this, but thats because they required multiple single-link dvi connections (and couldn't handle dual-link if I remember correctly).

It could be possible to split the dual-link output into two single links and then recombine by making custom cables, but I bet it'd be pretty tricky- I think both lanes share a single clock, so you'd have to carefully match cable lengths to pull it off.
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Default Re: Display two screens on one monitor

I'm still struggling to understand the technology here.
VGA and AGP are about my limit. :-\

In response to OMV:
I suspect using a lower freq. ie: 2560x1600@40Hz wouldn't
work because the LP3065 doesn't support 40Hz refresh. I'll
give it a go anyway. :-)

Unless there are different versions of the LP3065, I doubt
confusion with another monitor. I'm told a trial with a demo
LP3065 worked so they decided to buy one. Unfortunately,
purchasing bought a similar size Samsung, which didn't work.
More unfortunately, the key people who did the original trial
are no longer here. Those who remain remember very little.

I have a few LFH-2xDVI splitters as well as a few DVI-D dual
link and single link cables, so I'll try your suggestion by playing
around with different combinations to see if something can
come of it. If only I had a few dual link to 2 x single link
splitters (he writes not knowing if such a thing exists). :-(
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Default Re: Display two screens on one monitor

Hmm - its possible that its in there as a back-door mode on the LP3065. I'll try running a few experiments this weekend if I get a chance.

One thing I had forgotten until now is the nvidia drivers (at least under linux) seem to ignore a lot of the refresh/resolution and blast out what they think the monitor wants when using DVI. On my T210, I haven't been able to figure out a way to drive it single-link using a card with dual-links - it puts out 2048x1536x60 no matter what I try - even using NoDDC, specing low freqs on the monitor, and a custom modeline (basiaclly 2048x1536x30), I still get out 2048x1536x60.

In short, it might be easier if you had a non-nvidia card to test with, or maybe something with only single-link connectors. Though if there's some magic, undocmented switches to override this behavior, I'd really, really like to know - it'd save me a lot of hassle on my work machine.
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