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Old 11-26-07, 03:13 AM   #109
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Default Re: Favorite single player of 2007?

Originally Posted by LT.Schaffer
Well i checked my tracking and my stuff is about to be delivered,so i will have a bunch of awesome games ready to play and enjoy

So here are the games fedex is about to deliver to me:

3.F.E.A.R PM
4.Gears Of War
5.Medal Of Honor Airborne
Crysis gets my vote. Followed by BioShock and CoD4 (although CoD4 did annoy me once or twice).

<edit>Reast of post removed because stupid poster (me) didn't read the whole thread </edit>
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

I need to check out witcher.

1. Crysis
2. HL2: Ep 2
4. Bioshock
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Old 11-26-07, 06:18 AM   #112
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

1. GOW
2. Bioshock
3. Sega Rally
4. Lost Planet
5. COD4
6. Dirt
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Old 11-26-07, 07:21 AM   #113
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

1. The Witcher
2. Bioshock
3. Crysis
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

1-Witcher. WOW, they hit the nail on the head.
2-COD4. A great series continues on the PC. The best warfare FPS always.
3-Bioshock & Crysis. Because there is nothing else better. I don't think they come close to comparing to #1 & #2.

I haven't got Portal yet, but that would prob be #3 from what I hear.
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Old 11-26-07, 07:44 AM   #115
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

Bioshock, Gears of War and Timeshift.
If i had to settle for one game it would be Bioshock. (and Gears of War)
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

It's a tough call but I'm gonna give it to Crysis. No other game since Oblivion has given me that level of freedom, immersion, and graphics. You really feel like you're on that island, in that crazy suit, and you're free to do whatever you want. It's what STALKER was supposed to be like.
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

I dunno its between Bioshock, Crysis or Cod4 for pc too hard to pick a winner i just cant.
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

COD 4 for me hands down....the sniper level where you take out the chopper and almost get nailed by another going down. What a rush!
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

CoD4/Crysis...it's a tie for me.
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Default Re: Favorite Single Player Game of 2007?

So far ?? Its a very VERY close tie,between Bioshock and The Witcher.
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