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Default Sandbox 2.0, Mod SDK, and Wars Patch 1.4 Friday!

lot of big news:
all graphical settings now available in DX9


We just got news that the Crysis Wars 1.4 Patch and the Editor will be released on March 20th:
That's right, we have yet another patch almost ready for you guys! For the gamers we've got some fixes that should really improve stability and enhance performance, and for you modders out there we've enabled mod support! So an extra special treat in the form of the Editor will be made available at the same time as this patch and will be ready for download Friday 20th March at 19:00 CET.

Patch Notes
These are the updated patch notes as seen in the readme file with the patch.

General Fixes
*Fixed a crash relating to dropped weapons
*Fixed an issue where spectating players could impede other players' movement
*Fixed several memory leaks
*Several optimisations
*Scope position broken when picking up the same weapon type

Updates and improvements
*All graphic settings are now available on DX9 machines
*Improved visibility of mouse cursor on bright backgrounds
*Improved hit feedback when shooting vehicles
*Modding interface is now available

*Cloaked players are no longer detected by the Radar Kit
*Reduced radius of Radar Kit scan sound

It's almost time...
In preparation for the release of the editor we've included mod support in this version of Crysis Wars. The full notes for the editor will follow within the next 24 hours, so hold tight, the waiting is almost over!

- Crymod Team
More info concerning the Mod SDK and Editor scheduled for release on Friday March 20th:
The time has finally come for us to release the Mod SDK and Sandbox2 Editor for Crysis Wars later this week. It will be made available at the same time as Crysis Wars Patch 1.4. In order to get the Mod SDK working properly you must have patch 1.4 for Crysis Wars installed, since it comes with the ingame mod support and other important changes to the game.

In order to keep the community focused on just one modding area based upon the same engine version, we decided to make the AI in Crysis Wars available again and concentrate on supporting this game with editor and SDK. Together with most of the assets from Warhead which are included in Patch 1.4 we are confident that the community will benefit the most out of it by keeping singleplayer and multiplayer modding and level creation to one game.

Crysis Wars Mod SDK Content
The entire Mod SDK consists of 2 separate installers, one will include all the tools and the other will have the game source code. Here you will find a rough content list for the entire Mod SDK package for Crysis Wars. A detailed list will be provided on release this week!

* Exporters for Max and XSI
* Game Source Code
* CryENGINE2 Sandbox Editor
* Various useful tools and applications for modding

Sandbox2 Editor Changelog
Since the release of the Crysis Sandbox2 Editor the dev team has updated the powerful tool quite a bit for the modding community. Find here the changelog of what's new:

* Improved Height-Field Editor:
- Complete overhaul of User Interface
- New options added to show and hide water and map objects
- New tools added to quickly switch to terrain texture layers.
- Modification of Height-Field now translates to editor terrain in real-time
- Added ability to erase current height map
- Added new tool for large preview of height field.

* Improved Terrain Layer Texture Editor:
- Complete overhaul of User Interface
- New section added “Layer Tasks” for adding layers and assigning surface types to these layers.
- Large preview of current layer texture
- Scale and projection axis now able to be changed more quickly due to new user interface.

* Improved Time Of Day Editor:
- Added automatic scaling of the graphs to suit currently set values for each property.
- Added collapsible sections to each logical property group.
- Record now defaults to ON

* New Visual Flowgraph debugging and features:
- Added debugging to track the logic occurring through the flow graph in realtime.
- Flowgraph viewport can be scrolled with right mouse button while dragging a link.
- "Add selected group" functionality when adding entity in a flowgraph
- Fixed: Incorrect scaling when opening a flowgraph
- Fixed: Flowgraph view moves around when having the save/load dialog box opened

* Track View Editor improvements:
- Added: Copy/Paste nodes in the TrackView editor.
- Fixed: Sequence not reset at a cutscene start with TrackView editor.
- Fixed: Snap key on Trackview to start/end

* Quick search entry inside the CVar dialog window:
- allows quick searching of all cvars

* General Fixes:
- Fixed: Editor windows not always updating after switching windows with alt+tab.
- Fixed: Zoom scaling issues
- Removed several buttons or menu items which were obsolete.

The Crysis Wars Mod SDK will be released on Friday at 19:00 CET so get yourselves prepared for whats bound to be a big day for everyone on Crymod! We're going to be finishing the site updates very soon, so you'll be able to access information even easier this time around and for those of you that haven't used the editor before you'll be able to get to grips with it a lot quick. Just 2 more days!

- Crymod Team
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Default Re: Sandbox 2.0, Mod SDK, and Wars Patch 1.4 Friday!

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Default Re: Sandbox 2.0, Mod SDK, and Wars Patch 1.4 Friday!

Drop your COD4 and COD5 and Migrate to Crysis Wars! NAO!
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Default Re: Sandbox 2.0, Mod SDK, and Wars Patch 1.4 Friday!

I haven't played Crysis Wars since Warhead came out . . .
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Default Re: Sandbox 2.0, Mod SDK, and Wars Patch 1.4 Friday!

Originally Posted by Retrolock View Post
Drop your COD4 and COD5 and Migrate to Crysis Wars! NAO!
*drops pants*
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