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Default 7300GS NVidia Experience

This is simply a report of my experience with my NVidia card and Linux. Maybe it will be of some use to somebody.

Athlon x64 3800+ Dual Core
NVidia 7300GS
Fedora 7/8

I had tons of crashes with the 100.14.11 and .19 and .23 drivers. This happened with and without Compiz Fusion running (within minutes ususally), but probably more often with it running. I've hoped and prayed and resonated with the frustrated user posts and everything. 100.14.09 worked for me, just as other have said, and so did 9639 and 9643. Pretty solid players there.

Finally, 169.04 seems to be semi-stable. (I can at least use my system with it now.) It's now only "slightly crashy"... there are some more obscure, very specific circumstances when it crashes and restarts X. These happen maybe once each day or two, with 8+ hours of use per day. It happened once when fullscreening Kaffeine and another time while double-clicking on a user in Kopete. So, it may be somewhere in the window-creation process (under unusual circumstances) that there is still a race condition. I dunno, I'm just a guy.

But I'm glad that there is some idea of a resolution to this issue. I'm sorry I can't provide a quantatative bug report- that was just my qualitative one!

EDIT: Oh yeah, it also happened when I closed OpenOffice once. But that's OpenOffice and who knows what is going on with that. It doesn't even respect my subpixel font settings. Such a retard. Anyway, I've still experienced hard lockups as well as X restarts.

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Default Re: 7300GS NVidia Experience

Originally Posted by Moony
This is simply a report of my experience with my NVidia card and Linux. Maybe it will be of some use to somebody.

Athlon x64 3800+ Dual Core
NVidia 7300GS
Fedora 7/8
Same probs here with new drivers especially when MythTV is running in one of the desktops. If I run other apps, MythTV crashes. Restarting MythTV will just give me a pink blank screen.

Athlon x64 4400+ Dual Core
GeForce 6100 (onboard Gigabyte M61P-S3 mobo)
Tested with NVidia 7300GT (same problem)
Kubuntu Gutsy

My solution: Installed the older version, NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-9755-pkg2.run. Added the following installation options as the nvidia installer doesn't seem to know where to find the right places for the Xorg that came with Kubuntu Gutsy:
--x-prefix = /usr
--x-library-path = /usr/lib
--x-module-path = /usr/lib/xorg/modules

Now a very happy camper. Hope this helps.
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