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Xion X2
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Default Re: Wii sells 650k in 2 weeks

Originally Posted by Amuro
I hate to call you an idiot, but you sure are acting like one. Please go back and find one post where I said PS3 was better, if you can!
The only "idiot" in this room is you. I already pointed this out to you--twice--and I'm beginning to wonder if you can f*cking read. You originally called those who played Wii "casual gamers" or "non-gamers." That right there says you think very little of the console compared to the 360 or PS3.

And it is a fact that Wii's install base consist a majority of casual gamers . I don't understand why you refuse to believe it.
I "refuse to believe it" because it's nothing but hot air coming out of your @ss. You are making an awfully stupid assumption that the "majority" are casual gamers when I've already pointed out the obvious fact that Mario, Zelda, and Metroid have been around for YEARS. How long have you been gaming, Amuro? Did you ever have an original 8-bit NES or SNES? These franchises are carry-overs from those generations and have a long list of fans that continue to play them like myself and many others.

This crowd of people is significant in size and is far from "casual" or "non-gamers," so you can end this line of bullsh*t right here and now. That claim is the only reason that I responded to your post; I personally couldn't care less if you like the PS3 better. People should buy what they like, but your claim that the Wii install base is made up of mostly casual or non-gamers is blind, ignorant bullsh*t.

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Default Re: Wii sells 650k in 2 weeks

XionX2, you are a big huge idiot, fanboy of everything you're currently interested in or just bought. I'm sick and tired of arguing with a brick wall like you. You're the one that can't frigging read, blinded by your ignorance and fanboyism. Pionted out twice, what? Stop pulling crap outta your arse! Oh and love this:
You originally called those who played Wii "casual gamers" or "non-gamers." That right there says you think very little of the console compared to the 360 or PS3.
Is that what you think? LOL ... the 360 or PS3? Where is the PC? Anywho, you quoted me out of context time and again. I was commenting on the third party development for crist's sake, and in case you're wondering why I kept mentioning third party games, well, go and read Zelda_fan's original post for a clue.

Nintendo themselves claims that Wii's install base is made of casual players, and game sales spoke for themselves... There're 14 million Wii's out there, but the relatively hardcore titles of Mario, Zelad, Mertriod sold less and less each generation since the N64, which is nothing compared to some of the casual games on the Wii. You don't seriously believe that everyone that bought a Wii was because of Mario and Zelda, do you? Mario's been slowly losing its appeal, accept it. It's not selling 40+ million like it did on the NES any more. If you still don't see it, well that is your own problem... and I'm done talking to idiots like you!! You and your bullsh*t make me sick!
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