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Default What happened to XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER?

I have in the past used XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER to great effect. I work on videoconference systems that use a Linux machine as the core component. These linux machines use two head nVidia cards to display video. The low end video cards that we use support XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER, however, our recent software installation does not show XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER when I call xvinfo.

Why is XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER missing? I would really like it to still be here- all the video images that used to be tear-free are now tearing like mad. Is there something out there that I can use to display YUV 420 video on the monitor without tearing?

Thank you for your assistance

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Default Re: What happened to XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER?

What videocard are you using? All videocards starting of the Geforce6 (except for the original NV40 based 6800) don't have a hardware video overlay engine anyway. Xv is implemented using textures or plain 2d blitting. In nvidia-settings you can find using which you might be able to get it working correctly. (vsync = sync to vertical blank ..)
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