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Default Re: Beowulf only $19.99

Originally Posted by jeffmd
cost less to buy the game then it is to see it in theatres w/ popcorn.
Exactly why I bought it. I knew I'd never see the movie so I might as well play the movie.

Up to Chapter 4 now. The game is only ok. Fun on the cheap but not much more. Nothing impressive, nothing horrible either. Its like a lesser Conan with lots of timed button press sequences but they are easy.

Powerups and combos a plenty to dizzy your mind trying to figure and remember them.

You get to very mildly control your small army in different ways which is cool and adds a bit to the otherwise samey game.

I actually LOL'ed in this game during one spot. It was a section almost like Guitar Hero where you 'made song with your army' doing button press stuff; very different, never saw that done in a game before.

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Default Re: Beowulf only $19.99

Here at the local game stores (GAME & EB Games) they always charge full price for every peice of crap that is released. Usually 649SEK, or 100Usd with current curency. I picked up Conan for that price a while back at GAME, as they have 10 days refund if your not happy. Played thro the game, and went back with it after the weekend. Beowulf is also sold @ full price. Suxx to buy console games here.
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